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Cornus : specimen botanicum sistens descriptiones et icones specierum corni minus cognitarum / Car. Lud. L'Héritier, Dom. de Brutelle.  Volume 1 of 1

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 inside uppercover
 front free endpaper
 front free endpaper verso
 title page
 title page verso
 1 Cornus inter antiquiora
 3 Periclymenum minus
 6 inprimis ad
 7 Cornus tartarica
 9 STAMINA. Filamenta
 10 solitarii , pedunculati
 11 Turiones glaberrimi
 12 CORNO feminæ
 14 Herm. lugdb.
 15 Regn. Bot.
 verso, blank
 Tab 1 Illustration of CORNUS canadensis. L. Tab 1 - View in detail
 verso, blank
 Tab 2 Illustration of CORNUS sericea. L. Tab 2 - View in detail
 verso, blank
 Tab 3 Illustration of CORNUS circinata. - View in detail
 verso, blank
 Tab 4 Illustration of CORNUS stricta . Tab 4 - View in detail
 verso, blank
 Tab 5 Illustration of CORNUS paniculata. - View in detail
 verso, blank
 Tab 6 Illustration of CORNUS alternifolia. L. - View in detail
 verso, blank
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 inside lowercover
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