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Illustrations of Himalayan plants : chiefly selected from drawings made for the late J.F. Cathcart, Esq.re of the Bengal Civil Service / the descriptions and analyses by J.D. Hooker ; the plates executed by W.H. Fitch  Volume 1 of 1

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. A, C. GracilisView illustration 
  2. A. Vaccinium SalignumView illustration 
  3. Ęschynanthes Peelii XVIIView illustration 
  4. Aucuba himalaica Hook. f. & Thomson XIIView illustration 
  5. B. Codonopsis javanica (Blume) Hook. f. Campanumoea javanicaView illustrationPlant info
  6. B. Vaccinium serpens Wight XV Agapetes serpensView illustrationPlant info
  7. Begonia cathcartii Hook. f. & Thomson XIIIView illustration 
  8. Begonia gemmipara Hook. f. & Thomson XIVView illustration 
  9. Buddleia Colvilei XVIIIView illustration 
  10. C, C. InflataView illustration 
  11. Cyrtosia (Erythrorchis) lindleyana XXIIView illustration 
  12. Decaisnea insignis (Griff.) Hook. f. & Thomson X Decaisnea insignisView illustrationPlant info
  13. Duabanga Sonneratioides XIView illustration 
  14. Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thomson I Hodgsonia macrocarpaView illustrationPlant info
  15. Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thomson II Hodgsonia macrocarpaView illustrationPlant info
  16. Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thomson III Hodgsonia macrocarpaView illustrationPlant info
  17. Larix Griffithii XXIView illustration 
  18. Magnolia Campbellii IVView illustration 
  19. Magnolia Campbellii VView illustration 
  20. Meconopsis Nipalensis IXView illustration 
  21. Meconopsis simplicifolia (D. Don) Walp. VIII Meconopsis simplicifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  22. Michellia Cathcartii VIIView illustration 
  23. Paris polyphylla Sm. XXIV Paris polyphyllaView illustrationPlant info
  24. Quercus lamellosa Sm. XX Cyclobalanopsis lamellosaView illustrationPlant info
  25. Rheum nobile Hook. f. & Thomson XIX Rheum nobileView illustrationPlant info
  26. Talauma hodgsonii Hook. f. & Thomson VI Magnolia candolliView illustrationPlant info
  27. Vanda cathcarti Lindl. XXIIIView illustration 
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