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The anatomy of plants. With an idea of a philosophical history of plants. And several other lectures, read before the Royal Society.  Volume 1 of 1

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. A Garden BeanView illustration 
  2. A MarigoldView illustration 
  3. A Young Borage LeafView illustration 
  4. Anatomy of TulipView illustration 
  5. AppleView illustration 
  6. AprecockView illustration 
  7. Cichory FlowerView illustration 
  8. Clematis Syl. MView illustration 
  9. cross section of Apple BranchView illustration 
  10. cross section of Ash BranchView illustration 
  11. cross section of Barberry BranchView illustration 
  12. cross section of Corin BranchView illustration 
  13. cross section of Elm BranchView illustration 
  14. cross section of Figg BranchView illustration 
  15. cross section of Holly BranchView illustration 
  16. cross section of Oak BranchView illustration 
  17. cross section of Pear BranchView illustration 
  18. cross section of Pine BranchView illustration 
  19. cross section of Plum BranchView illustration 
  20. cross section of Sumach BranchView illustration 
  21. cross section of Sumach Branch magifydView illustration 
  22. cross section of Sumach Branch magifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
  23. cross section of Walnut BranchView illustration 
  24. cross section of Wormwood StalkView illustration 
  25. cross section Tistle StalkView illustration 
  26. cross section Vine BranchView illustration 
  27. Cross sections of Stalks and BranchesView illustration 
  28. cross sections vines and branchesView illustration 
  29. cross-sections of Beech wood and flowersView illustration 
  30. cross-sections of Roots with Milky or Balsamick vesselsView illustration 
  31. cross-sections of seeds and beanesView illustration 
  32. cross-sections of various rootsView illustration 
  33. cross-sections of various rootsView illustration 
  34. Dandelion Root magnifydView illustration 
  35. Essent : Salts of PlantsView illustration 
  36. Flower of Dulcamara, Colus Jovis Magnifid, St. Jame's wortView illustration 
  37. Flowers of StarwortView illustration 
  38. Generation of ye SeedView illustration 
  39. GoldenrodView illustration 
  40. GoosberryView illustration 
  41. Jerusalem Artichoak MagnifydView illustration 
  42. Leaf of Dock and Wild ClaryView illustration 
  43. Leaf of FirrView illustration 
  44. Leaf of SiyngaView illustration 
  45. Leaves of GoosgrassView illustration 
  46. Leaves of Mallow, Onion, and ScabiousView illustration 
  47. Leaves of Venetian VetchView illustration 
  48. Leopards BaneView illustration 
  49. Limon and CucumberView illustration 
  50. magnifyd cutout of Vine branchView illustration 
  51. magnifyd surface of various barksView illustration 
  52. Marine Salt, Nitrous, Alkaline, AcidView illustration 
  53. PearView illustration 
  54. Plum StonesView illustration 
  55. Radish, Red Poppy, Garden BeanView illustration 
  56. Seeds of Coffee, Goosgrass, StaphisagriaView illustration 
  57. Seeds of Date, Hounds Tounge, Cucumber, ScorzoneraView illustration 
  58. Seeds of Nettle, Eyebright, Wormwood, YarrowView illustration 
  59. Seeds of Poppy, Spergula, Little CeladineView illustration 
  60. Seeds of Purging Angola NutView illustration 
  61. Seeds of Sena, Hemp, AlmondView illustration 
  62. Small end of Buglosi Root magnifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
  63. Small Marsh Mallow root MagnifydView illustration 
  64. Small root of Asparagus MagnifydView illustration 
  65. Stalks of Mallow, Dock, DandelionView illustration 
  66. Structure of Stone and MemebraneView illustration 
  67. The Aer-Vessels unroaved in a Vine LeafeView illustration 
  68. The Flower of St. John's WortView illustration 
  69. The French MarigoldView illustration 
  70. The Small end of Hors-Radish Root magnifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
  71. The Small end of Hors-Radish Root magnifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
  72. The small particle of FirwoodView illustration 
  73. The Sperme of Snapdragon, Plantaine, Bearsfoot, CarnationView illustration 
  74. The ThecaView illustration 
  75. The Young Fruit, Three Membranes, & Seed now looseView illustration 
  76. TulipView illustration 
  77. TulipView illustration 
  78. various RootsView illustration 
  79. Wormwood Root magnifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
  80. Wormwood Root magnifyd (two page illustration, tipped in)View illustration 
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