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Le jardin du Roy tres chrestien, Loys XIII, Roy de France et de Navare ... / par Pierre Vallet ...  Volume 1 of 1

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. A Fenui folia flore Carneo GiuacissimoView illustration 
  2. A latifolia flore Coccineo MultipliciView illustration 
  3. A latifolia flore Multiplici purpureo Inbelico alboView illustration 
  4. A Tenui folio flore multiplici purpurecoView illustration 
  5. A Tenuit folia flore Multiplici albicanteView illustration 
  6. Aconithurn MathView illustration 
  7. Aconithus hiernaleView illustration 
  8. Aguilegia flore alboView illustration 
  9. Alba Iris oris ceruleuisView illustration 
  10. AlcaoRosea peregriraView illustration 
  11. Alcea VenetaView illustration 
  12. Anemo bisatina tenuifolia flore polyfiloView illustration 
  13. Anemo geranii folio flore ceruleoView illustration 
  14. Anemo latifolia floresinplia miniatoView illustration 
  15. Anemo Maxima latifolia polyanthos CalcedoniView illustration 
  16. Anemo pauo flore finpliciView illustration 
  17. Anemo pauo MaiorView illustration 
  18. Anemo pauo minor absque vribillitoView illustration 
  19. Anemo pauo minor vrnbillico alboView illustration 
  20. Anemo tenui fa flo purpureoView illustration 
  21. Anemo Tenui folia flore violaceoView illustration 
  22. Anemo tenuifolia flore CarneoView illustration 
  23. Anemo tertia MathiView illustration 
  24. Anemone latifolia Maior flore miniatoView illustration 
  25. Anenione tenuifolia flore simplici coccineoView illustration 
  26. Animo latifol mineato floreView illustration 
  27. Animona latifolia Cameo floreView illustration 
  28. Aniona flore purpureoView illustration 
  29. Anty flore rubroView illustration 
  30. Antyrinu flore alboView illustration 
  31. Aquilegia flore ViolaeoView illustration 
  32. Asphodelus albus MaiorView illustration 
  33. Asphodelus albus Mill. Asphodelus albusrimmed lichenView illustrationPlant info
  34. Auricu vrsi flo RubelloView illustration 
  35. Auricu vrsi rubroView illustration 
  36. Auricula-ursi Adans.View illustration 
  37. Auricula-ursi Adans.View illustration 
  38. Belgicus flore fuaue rubenteView illustration 
  39. BoracoView illustration 
  40. Ca flore CandidoView illustration 
  41. Calamintha montana prastantiorView illustration 
  42. Caltha palustris L. Caltha palustrisyellow marsh marigold, yellow marsh-marigold, yellow marshmarigoldView illustrationPlant info
  43. Cana Indica flore luteo ponftatoView illustration 
  44. Canna indica L.View illustration 
  45. Canpanula persici folia flore ViofaceoView illustration 
  46. Canpanulla persici folia flore alboView illustration 
  47. Caprifolium Italicum perfoliatumView illustration 
  48. Cariophillata flore purpureoView illustration 
  49. Caryophyllata vulgarisView illustration 
  50. Chamairis latifolia atra purpureaView illustration 
  51. Chamairis latifolia flore purputeoView illustration 
  52. Chamairis latifolia purpurouiolaceoView illustration 
  53. Chamanerium GesneryView illustration 
  54. Chamaris latifolia purpuroniolaceaView illustration 
  55. Charnceris angustifolia flore VarioView illustration 
  56. Ciclamen Roman hedre folioView illustration 
  57. Ciclamen VeronenseView illustration 
  58. Cilioaspbodell luteusView illustration 
  59. Ciliu flauumView illustration 
  60. Ciliu purpureum SubalbichsView illustration 
  61. Ciliu rubru bulbiferumView illustration 
  62. Clematis PannonicaView illustration 
  63. Clematis peregrina flore plenoView illustration 
  64. Clematis peregrina flore purpureo finpliciView illustration 
  65. Coldienon Variagaia polyantenusView illustration 
  66. Coleb flore atropurpuranteView illustration 
  67. Coleh BysantiView illustration 
  68. Coleh Pannonicu albu polyanthemuView illustration 
  69. Colehicum flore plenoView illustration 
  70. Colehicum hermodactillii flore fubalbidoView illustration 
  71. Consoli Regalis flore violaceo sinpliciView illustration 
  72. Corona ImperialisView illustration 
  73. Corona Imperialis MaiorView illustration 
  74. Cos Regalis flore purpureo MultipliciView illustration 
  75. Cosolida Regalis flore purpureo sinpliView illustration 
  76. Cro MesiacusView illustration 
  77. Cro Vernus aureo rutillateView illustration 
  78. Cro Vernusflore VarioView illustration 
  79. Crocus authounnalis flore alboView illustration 
  80. Crocus Autuninalis flo violaceoView illustration 
  81. Crocus Vernus purpuro uiolaceus striatusView illustration 
  82. Cyanus maiorView illustration 
  83. Cyanus OrientalisView illustration 
  84. Cyclamen Antyochenum poliantos anplofloreView illustration 
  85. Cyclamen folioherderce flore alboView illustration 
  86. Digita purpurea maiorView illustration 
  87. Digitalis exotica arborescens variofloreView illustration 
  88. Digitalis lutea Digitalis luteaStraw foxgloveView illustrationPlant info
  89. Digitalis Purpurea maiView illustration 
  90. Donas NarbonensisView illustration 
  91. Eleborus Niger Verus TheophrastiView illustration 
  92. Ephemerum MatheoliView illustration 
  93. fertillaria ItalicaView illustration 
  94. fl Cosiatinopolis tanus flore mineato MuliplicView illustration 
  95. FouCaView illustration 
  96. Fraxinella Mill.View illustration 
  97. Fris perca bulbosa Varie gatoView illustration 
  98. fritil pyrenca atropurpureaView illustration 
  99. fritilla luteaView illustration 
  100. fritillaria vulgarisView illustration 
  101. Geran tuberosuView illustration 
  102. Geranium Batracoides minusView illustration 
  103. Geranium fuscumView illustration 
  104. Geraniurn Fridicum Tuberosum Noetu olene flo varie gatoView illustration 
  105. Gladiolus Bisantinus atropurpureusView illustration 
  106. Gladiolus flore alboView illustration 
  107. Gladiolus Fridicus Maior flo CoccincoView illustration 
  108. Gladiolus italicus Mill. Gladiolus segetumItalian gladiolusView illustrationPlant info
  109. Gratia Dei flore alboView illustration 
  110. Gratia dei flore purpuredView illustration 
  111. halicacabus Indicus arborescensView illustration 
  112. hemerocallis CalechidonicaView illustration 
  113. hep flo PlenoView illustration 
  114. hep flo purpureoView illustration 
  115. hiacintus Indicus Tuberosa RadiceView illustration 
  116. hipa flo violaceoView illustration 
  117. hop flo albo, hepa trifolia siueherba trenitatis flore CineritioView illustration 
  118. hyacin obsoletusView illustration 
  119. Hyacin stellatus Cincracei ColorisView illustration 
  120. Hyacinthus comosus L.View illustration 
  121. Hyacinthus orientalis L.View illustration 
  122. hyacinthus PeruanusView illustration 
  123. Hyacintus stellaris germanicusView illustration 
  124. Hyacynth hispanicus flore cernleo Iustar CampanulaView illustration 
  125. Hyacynth serotimus facie OrientalisView illustration 
  126. hyroschyanus albus CreticusView illustration 
  127. Iacea alba flore MultipliciView illustration 
  128. Iacea Rubra flore MultipliciView illustration 
  129. Iris angnstifolia bulbosa elegatissima persici floreView illustration 
  130. Iris angusti folia bulbosa flore alboView illustration 
  131. Iris angustifolia hispanica bulbosa non SeriptaView illustration 
  132. Iris bisatina peramena flo MultipliciView illustration 
  133. Iris bulbofa latifolia flore atro purpuranteView illustration 
  134. Iris bulbosa anguftifolia flore varioView illustration 
  135. Iris bulbosa angusti folia flore violaceoView illustration 
  136. Iris bulbosa augustifolia flore varioView illustration 
  137. Iris bulbosa flo luteo et Ceruleo SatureView illustration 
  138. Iris bulbosa flore cineritioView illustration 
  139. Iris bulbosa flore luteo luridoView illustration 
  140. Iris bulbosa latifol flore ceruleoView illustration 
  141. Iris bulbosa latifol flore cineritioView illustration 
  142. Iris bulbosa latifolia flore alboView illustration 
  143. Iris Bysantina perainenaView illustration 
  144. Iris exotica CameraryView illustration 
  145. Iris latifol atropurpureaView illustration 
  146. Iris lusitanica latifolia prima Clusii Iris xiphiumSpanish irisView illustrationPlant info
  147. Iris lutea Iris pseudacoruspaleyellow iris, yellow flagView illustrationPlant info
  148. Iris SufianaView illustration 
  149. Iris TirpolitanaView illustration 
  150. Iris Tuberosa, Iris fusiana MaiorView illustration 
  151. Iris Varie gata alteraView illustration 
  152. Le flore alboView illustration 
  153. Le flore RubroView illustration 
  154. leucoium exaphilu MausView illustration 
  155. leucoium exapliled MinusView illustration 
  156. Leucoium flore purpureo ViolaceoView illustration 
  157. leucoium TrifilusView illustration 
  158. Lilia N Fndicus pumilinet Auturnnalis flore RubelloView illustration 
  159. Lilia N Fudicus autnalis flore phoeniceoView illustration 
  160. Lilium album vulgareView illustration 
  161. Lilium persicumView illustration 
  162. Maraco IndicaView illustration 
  163. Mart fubuiridi floreView illustration 
  164. Martagu exoticum flore spadiceoView illustration 
  165. Martagu flore CarneoView illustration 
  166. Martagu non punctatii flauo floreView illustration 
  167. Martagum Americanum flore luteo pomtatoView illustration 
  168. Martagum fiue hemerocallis punctata flauo floreView illustration 
  169. Martagum Imperiale flo NiueoView illustration 
  170. Martagum Montanum longiare SpicaView illustration 
  171. Martagum Montanum longiare SpicaView illustration 
  172. Martagum PomponeumView illustration 
  173. Medantbium hispanicu amplo floreView illustration 
  174. Medium fiue viola marinaView illustration 
  175. Melant flore multipliciView illustration 
  176. Melant vulgareView illustration 
  177. Moly DioscoridisView illustration 
  178. Muscari flauo floreView illustration 
  179. Muscari obsaleto floreView illustration 
  180. Muscari obsoleto floreView illustration 
  181. N hisp Max luteus multiplici luteo Wllmere odoratus AngliaView illustration 
  182. N Ioci foli luteus Calice fulphureo MiView illustration 
  183. N Iunci folius Lute Calice fulphureoView illustration 
  184. N Motanus Iochifolnis totusalbur anplocaliceView illustration 
  185. N Niucus anplo calice Sulphureo polyantView illustration 
  186. N totus candidus patulo calice maiorView illustration 
  187. N totus Niucus patulor Calice minorView illustration 
  188. Nar lutcus Multiplici CaliceView illustration 
  189. Nar CaliedonicusView illustration 
  190. Nar Iuncifolius amplo calice luteusView illustration 
  191. Nar Iuncifolius flore albo amplo CaliceView illustration 
  192. Nar Iuncifolius flore plenoView illustration 
  193. Nar Iuncifolius luteus MaiorView illustration 
  194. Nar Iuncifolius luteus MediusView illustration 
  195. Nar Iuncifolius maior luteusView illustration 
  196. Nar luteus authomnalisView illustration 
  197. Nar luteus filuestrisView illustration 
  198. Nar luteus MultiplexView illustration 
  199. Nar Medeocroceus am plo calice Nar Totus lutcus hispanicus pumillusView illustration 
  200. Nar Mediocroceus MultiplexView illustration 
  201. Nar mediocroceus serotinusView illustration 
  202. Nar Montanus filuestris totus albusView illustration 
  203. Nar Totus albus Minor narbonensisView illustration 
  204. Nar totus luteus Piluestris MaiorView illustration 
  205. Nar vernus luteus facie authommnalisView illustration 
  206. Narcilsus MatbeolView illustration 
  207. Narcis Ioncifolius albus autumnalis medio obfoletusView illustration 
  208. Narcis medio luteus serotinus calicebreiuView illustration 
  209. Narcis mediopurpureView illustration 
  210. Narciss Africanus aureus maiorView illustration 
  211. Narciss mediolute PysanusView illustration 
  212. Narcissus Indicus flore rubro Vulgo IacobeusView illustration 
  213. Narcissus luteus Africanus maiorView illustration 
  214. Narcissus totus luteus MdiasView illustration 
  215. Narscisus Fndicus Maior Rubello floreView illustration 
  216. NarTotus albusView illustration 
  217. Nercissus hyspanicus minor anplo calice foliis reflexisView illustration 
  218. Orien AlbusView illustration 
  219. Ornithogalon Italicu spicatu flore alboView illustration 
  220. Ornithogalon Panonicum Maius flore lacteoView illustration 
  221. Ornithogalum alpinum Latifolia flore luteoView illustration 
  222. Ornithogalum arabicum L.View illustration 
  223. palagion Americanum flo OiolatioView illustration 
  224. PancratiumView illustration 
  225. Peon flore Simp. albicanteView illustration 
  226. Peonia flore multiplici albicanteView illustration 
  227. Peonia foem flore simpliciView illustration 
  228. Peonia foemina PolianthosView illustration 
  229. Phalangium amplofloreView illustration 
  230. Primula veris L. Primula veriscowslip primroseView illustrationPlant info
  231. Pseudo Nar Maior flouoView illustration 
  232. Pseudo Nar tenuifolius luteus minorView illustration 
  233. Pyretrum VerumView illustration 
  234. R flore CarneoView illustration 
  235. Rana Tripolitanus finplex flore RubroView illustration 
  236. Ranu Tuberosa anglicus polyanthosView illustration 
  237. Ranuculus Myricus MaiorView illustration 
  238. Ranun GlomeratusView illustration 
  239. Ranun Myricus MinorView illustration 
  240. Ranunculus albus multiplexView illustration 
  241. Ranunculus albus Talietri folioView illustration 
  242. Ranunculus Asiatic flore alboView illustration 
  243. Ranunculus lusitanicus authomnalisView illustration 
  244. Ranunculus nemorosus DC. Ranunculus breyninusView illustrationPlant info
  245. ritilla alba, fritilla hispanica maior vrnbelliferaView illustration 
  246. Rosa alba MultiplexView illustration 
  247. Satirio flore AlbicateView illustration 
  248. Satirium flo alboView illustration 
  249. Saty flore purpureoView illustration 
  250. Saty flore variegatoView illustration 
  251. Satyrion flore Albo pontateView illustration 
  252. Satyrium crithronium fiue des Caninus flo purpureoView illustration 
  253. Satyrium e Guinea delatuView illustration 
  254. Sisyrinchium maiusView illustration 
  255. Spatula foetidaView illustration 
  256. Stebe S pinosaView illustration 
  257. tenuifolius floreView illustration 
  258. Trachelium Americanum flo Rubro seu Cardinalis plantaView illustration 
  259. Trachylium maiusView illustration 
  260. Tragopogon flore CireritioView illustration 
  261. Tulipa bombicina flore RubroView illustration 
  262. Tulipa flore varioView illustration 
  263. Tulipa flore varioView illustration 
  264. Tulipa Persica Tulipa patensView illustrationPlant info
  265. Tulipa VView illustration 
  266. Tulipa VView illustration 
  267. Tulipa VView illustration 
  268. Tulipa VarieView illustration 
  269. Tulipa vario floreView illustration 
  270. Vinca periuncaView illustration 
  271. Zimbul IndicumView illustration 
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