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Icones et descriptiones Graminum austriacorum  Volume 1 of 4

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Anthoxanthum odoratum L.View illustration 
  2. Bromus agrestis All.View illustration 
  3. Bromus arvensis L.View illustration 
  4. Bromus asper MurrayView illustration 
  5. Bromus distachyos L.View illustration 
  6. Bromus giganteus L.View illustration 
  7. Bromus inermis Leyss. Bromopsis inermisView illustrationPlant info
  8. Bromus litoreus Leyss.View illustration 
  9. Bromus madritensis L. Anisantha madritensiscompact bromeView illustrationPlant info
  10. Bromus mollis L.View illustration 
  11. Bromus multiflorus Weigel Bromus arvensisfield bromeView illustrationPlant info
  12. Bromus pinnatus L. Brachypodium pinnatumheath false bromeView illustrationPlant info
  13. Bromus rubens L. Anisantha rubensred bromeView illustrationPlant info
  14. Bromus secalinus L.View illustration 
  15. Bromus squarrosus L.View illustration 
  16. Bromus sterilis L. Anisantha sterilispoverty bromeView illustrationPlant info
  17. Bromus sylvaticus (Huds.) Lyons Brachypodium sylvaticumslender false brome,View illustrationPlant info
  18. Bromus tectorum L. Anisantha tectorumcheatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  19. Carex acuta L. Carex acutasmooth black sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  20. Carex alba Scop.View illustration 
  21. Carex ampullacea 99View illustration 
  22. Carex arenaria L. Carex arenariasand sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  23. Carex atrata L. Carex atrataView illustrationPlant info
  24. Carex brizoides L.View illustration 
  25. Carex canescens L. Carex curtaView illustrationPlant info
  26. Carex capillaris L. Carex capillarishairlike sedge, hair sedge, hair-like sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  27. Carex cespitosa 91View illustration 
  28. Carex crassa 93View illustration 
  29. Carex curta Gooden.View illustration 
  30. Carex cuspidata HostView illustration 
  31. Carex cyperoides Murr. Carex bohemicaView illustrationPlant info
  32. Carex digitata L.View illustration 
  33. Carex dioica L. Carex dioicanorthern bog sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  34. Carex distans L.View illustration 
  35. Carex diversiflora 70View illustration 
  36. Carex divulsa Stokes Carex divulsagrassland sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  37. Carex extensa Gooden. Carex extensalongbract sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  38. Carex ferruginea Scop.View illustration 
  39. Carex filiformis L. Carex lasiocarpawoollyfruit sedge, woolly-fruit sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  40. Carex firma Host.View illustration 
  41. Carex flacca Schreb. Carex glaucaheath sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  42. Carex flava L. Carex flavayellow sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  43. Carex glomerata Thunb.View illustration 
  44. Carex hirta L. Carex hirtahammer sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  45. Carex hordeiformis 76View illustration 
  46. Carex humilis Leyss.View illustration 
  47. Carex intermedia 50View illustration 
  48. Carex limosa L. Carex fusco-cupreaView illustrationPlant info
  49. Carex michelii HostView illustration 
  50. Carex montana L.View illustration 
  51. Carex muricata L. Carex cuprinaView illustrationPlant info
  52. Carex nitida Host Carex liparicarposView illustrationPlant info
  53. Carex nutans Host Carex nutansGreat Plains sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  54. Carex oederi Retz. Carex oederilittle green sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  55. Carex ovalis Gooden. Carex leporinaeggbract sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  56. Carex pallescens L. Carex pallescenspale sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  57. Carex paludosa Gooden.View illustration 
  58. Carex panicea L. Carex paniceagrasslike sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  59. Carex paniculata L.View illustration 
  60. Carex parviflora HostView illustration 
  61. Carex patula 64View illustration 
  62. Carex pauciflora Lightf. Carex pauciflorafewflower sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  63. Carex pedata 61View illustration 
  64. Carex pendula Huds.View illustration 
  65. Carex pilosa Scop.View illustration 
  66. Carex praecox Schreb.View illustration 
  67. Carex remota L.View illustration 
  68. Carex schoenoides 45View illustration 
  69. Carex Schreberi 46View illustration 
  70. Carex stellulata Gooden.View illustration 
  71. Carex stricta Lam. Carex strictaupright sedge, uptight sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  72. Carex sylvatica Huds. Carex sylvaticaEuropean woodland sedgeView illustrationPlant info
  73. Carex tomentosa L.View illustration 
  74. Carex umbrosa Host.View illustration 
  75. Carex varia HostView illustration 
  76. Carex vesicaria L. Carex inflataView illustrationPlant info
  77. Carex vulpina L. Carex compactaView illustrationPlant info
  78. Crypsis aculeata (L.) Aiton Agrostis aculeataView illustrationPlant info
  79. Elymus crinitus Schreb.View illustration 
  80. Elymus europaeus L.View illustration 
  81. Eriophorum alpinum L.View illustration 
  82. Eriophorum capitatum HostView illustration 
  83. Eriophorum cespitosum 39View illustration 
  84. Eriophorum polystachion L. Eriophorum polystachiontall cottongrassView illustrationPlant info
  85. Heleochloa alopecuroides (Piller & Mitterp.) Host Crypsis alopecuroidesfoxtail pricklegrass, foxtail timothyView illustrationPlant info
  86. Heleochloa schoenoides (L.) Host Crypsis schoenoidesswamp pricklegrass, swamp prickle grass, swamp timothyView illustrationPlant info
  87. Holcus halepensis L. Sorghum halepenseJohnsongrass, aleppo milletgrass, herbe de Cuba, Johnson grass, sorgho d'Alep, sorgo de alepo, zacate JohnsonView illustrationPlant info
  88. Holcus lanatus L. Notholcus lanatusView illustrationPlant info
  89. Holcus mollis L.View illustration 
  90. Holcus odoratus L.View illustration 
  91. Hordeum maritimum O.F. Mu|2ll.View illustration 
  92. Hordeum murinum L. Hordeum glaucumsmooth barleyView illustrationPlant info
  93. Hordeum secalinum Schreb. Hordeum nodosummeadow barleyView illustrationPlant info
  94. Lappago racemosa (L.) Honck. Tragus racemosusstalked burr grassView illustrationPlant info
  95. Leersia oryzoides (L.) Sw. Leersia oryzoidesrice cutgrass, rice cut grassView illustrationPlant info
  96. Lolium perenne L.View illustration 
  97. Lolium temulentum L.View illustration 
  98. Pseudo-Cyperus 85View illustration 
  99. Rottboellia incurvata (L.) L. f. Parapholis incurvacurved sicklegrassView illustrationPlant info
  100. Rottboellia pannonica HostView illustration 
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