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Icones et descriptiones Graminum austriacorum  Volume 2 of 4

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Aegilops cylindrica Host Triticum cylindricumjointed goatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  2. Aegilops ovata L. Aegilops ovataovate goatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  3. Aegilops triuncialis L.View illustration 
  4. Aira aquatica L. Catabrosa aquaticawater whorlgrass, brookgrass, water whorl grassView illustrationPlant info
  5. Aira caryophyllea L. Aira caryophylleasilver hairgrassView illustrationPlant info
  6. Aira cespitosa L. Deschampsia cespitosatufted hairgrassView illustrationPlant info
  7. Aira flexuosa L. Deschampsia flexuosawavy hairgrassView illustrationPlant info
  8. Aira subspicata L. Trisetum spicatumspike trisetumView illustrationPlant info
  9. Alopecurus geniculatus L. Alopecurus geniculatuswater foxtail, marsh meadow-foxtailView illustrationPlant info
  10. Alopecurus pratensis L. Alopecurus pratensismeadow foxtail, field meadow-foxtailView illustrationPlant info
  11. Andropogon gryllus L.View illustration 
  12. Andropogon ischaemum L.View illustration 
  13. Andropogon strictus Host Erianthus hostiiView illustrationPlant info
  14. Avena distichophylla Vill.View illustration 
  15. Avena elatior L. Arrhenatherum elatiustall oatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  16. Avena fatua L. Avena fatuawild oat, flaxgrass, oatgrass, wheat oats, wild oatsView illustrationPlant info
  17. Avena fragilis L. Gaudinia fragilisfragile oatView illustrationPlant info
  18. Avena pratensis L. Helictotrichon pratenseView illustrationPlant info
  19. Avena pubescens Huds.View illustration 
  20. Avena sativa L. Avena sativacommon oat, Common oats, oat, oatgrass (common), oats, wild oatsView illustrationPlant info
  21. Avena scheuchzeri All.View illustration 
  22. Avena sterilis L. Celtica giganteaView illustrationPlant info
  23. Avena strigosa Schreb. Avena strigosalopsided oatView illustrationPlant info
  24. Avena tenuis Moench Ventenata dubiaNorth Africa grass, ventenataView illustrationPlant info
  25. Briza maxima L. Briza quakinggrassView illustrationPlant info
  26. Briza media L. Poa mediaView illustrationPlant info
  27. Briza minor L. Briza minorlittle quakinggrassView illustrationPlant info
  28. Cynosurus cristatus L. Phleum cristatumView illustrationPlant info
  29. Cynosurus echinatus L. Falona echinataView illustrationPlant info
  30. Dactylis glomerata L.View illustration 
  31. Festuca myuros L.View illustration 
  32. Festuca amethystina L. Festuca amethystinaView illustrationPlant info
  33. Festuca dura (L.) Vill. Sclerochloa duracommon hardgrass, hardgrass, tufted hardgrassView illustrationPlant info
  34. Festuca duriuscula L.View illustration 
  35. Festuca elatiorView illustration 
  36. Festuca fluitans L. Glyceria fluitanswater mannagrassView illustrationPlant info
  37. Festuca hirsuta MoenchView illustration 
  38. Festuca laxa HostView illustration 
  39. Festuca ovina L. Festuca ovinasheep fescueView illustrationPlant info
  40. Festuca pallens HostView illustration 
  41. Festuca poĉformis Pers.View illustration 
  42. Festuca pumila ChaixView illustration 
  43. Festuca rubra L. Festuca rubrared fescueView illustrationPlant info
  44. Festuca serotina L. Cleistogenes serotinaView illustrationPlant info
  45. Festuca stricta Host.View illustration 
  46. Festuca sylvaticaView illustration 
  47. Festuca varia HaenkeView illustration 
  48. Lagurus ovatus L. Lagurus ovatusharestail grassView illustrationPlant info
  49. Melica altissima L. Melica altissimaSiberian melicgrassView illustrationPlant info
  50. Melica caerulea (L.) L.View illustration 
  51. Melica ciliata L. Melica ciliataView illustrationPlant info
  52. Melica nutans L. Melica nutansView illustrationPlant info
  53. Melica uniflora Retz.View illustration 
  54. Nardus stricta L. Nardus strictamatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  55. Panicum crusgalli L.View illustration 
  56. Panicum dactylon L.View illustration 
  57. Panicum germanicum Mill. Setaria italicafoxtail bristlegrass, foxtail millet, Italian bristle grass, Italian foxtailView illustrationPlant info
  58. Panicum glaucum L.View illustration 
  59. Panicum miliaceum L.View illustration 
  60. Panicum sanguinale L. Digitaria sanguinalishairy crabgrass, Crabgrass, hairy crab grass, large crabgrass, purple crabgrass, redhair crabgrassView illustrationPlant info
  61. Panicum verticillatum L.View illustration 
  62. Panicum viride L. Setaria viridisgreen bristlegrass, bottle grass, green bristle grass, green foxtail, pigeongrass, wild milletView illustrationPlant info
  63. Phalaris alpina Turra Phleum hirsutumView illustrationPlant info
  64. Phalaris aquatica L. Phalaris aquaticabulbous canarygrass, Harding grass, HardinggrassView illustrationPlant info
  65. Phalaris arundinacea L. Phalaris arundinaceareed canarygrass, reed canary grassView illustrationPlant info
  66. Phalaris aspera Lam.View illustration 
  67. Phalaris canariensis L. Phalaris canariensisannual canarygrass, common canary grass, common canarygrassView illustrationPlant info
  68. Phalaris paradoxa L. Phalaris paradoxahood canarygrassView illustrationPlant info
  69. Phalaris phleoides L. Phleum phleoidesView illustrationPlant info
  70. Phalaris tenuis Host Phleum subulatumItalian timothy,View illustrationPlant info
  71. Poa alpina L.View illustration 
  72. Poa annua L.View illustration 
  73. Poa aquatica L. Glyceria maximareed mannagrassView illustrationPlant info
  74. Poa bulbosa L. Poa bulbosabulbous bluegrass, bulbous blue grassView illustrationPlant info
  75. Poa collina 66View illustration 
  76. Poa compressa L. Poa bigeloviiBigelow's bluegrass, Bigelow bluegrassView illustrationPlant info
  77. Poa cristata (L.) L.View illustration 
  78. Poa decumbens L.View illustration 
  79. Poa distans Jacq. Puccinellia distansweeping alkaligrass, European alkaligrass, spreading alkali grassView illustrationPlant info
  80. Poa disticha Wulfen Oreochloa distichaView illustrationPlant info
  81. Poa dura (L.) Scop. Sclerochloa duracommon hardgrass, hardgrass, tufted hardgrassView illustrationPlant info
  82. Poa eragrostis L.View illustration 
  83. Poa nemoralis L. Poa arachniferaTexas bluegrassView illustrationPlant info
  84. Poa pilosa L. Eragrostis pilosaIndian lovegrass, India lovegrass, Indian love grassView illustrationPlant info
  85. Poa pratensis L. Poa pratensisKentucky bluegrassView illustrationPlant info
  86. Poa rigida L.View illustration 
  87. Poa trivialis L. Poa trivialisrough bluegrassView illustrationPlant info
  88. Secale cereale L. Secale cerealecereal rye, common rye, Cultivated annual rye, cultivated rye, ryeView illustrationPlant info
  89. Secale villosum L. Dasypyrum villosummosquitograssView illustrationPlant info
  90. Sesleria caerulea (L.) Ard. Sesleria caeruleaView illustrationPlant info
  91. Sesleria elongata HostView illustration 
  92. Sesleria sphaerocephala Ard.View illustration 
  93. Sesleria tenella 100View illustration 
  94. Triticum caninum L.View illustration 
  95. Triticum cristatum (L.) Schreb. Agropyron cristatumcrested wheatgrass, crested wheat grassView illustrationPlant info
  96. Triticum elongatum HostView illustration 
  97. Triticum junceum L. Thinopyrum junceumRussian wheatgrassView illustrationPlant info
  98. Triticum repens L.View illustration 
  99. Triticum tenellum L.View illustration 
  100. Triticum unilaterale L.View illustration 
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