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Historia naturalis palmarum : opus tripartium / Carol. Frid. Phil. de Martius.  Volume 3 of 3

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Acrocomia mexicana Karw. ex Mart. Acrocomia aculeataView illustrationPlant info
  2. Areca alba BoryView illustration 
  3. Areca catechu L. Areca catechubetel palmView illustrationPlant info
  4. Areca crinita. Tab. 154View illustration 
  5. Areca Nibung Tab. 150View illustration 
  6. Areca rubra.View illustration 
  7. Areca sapida Tab. 151View illustration 
  8. Areca sapida Tab. 152View illustration 
  9. Areca triandra Roxb. ex Buch.-Ham. Tab. 149View illustration 
  10. Arenga obtusifolia Mart. Tab. 147 Arenga obtusifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  11. Arenga obtusifolia Mart. Tab. 148View illustration 
  12. Arenga saccharifera Labill.View illustration 
  13. Bentinckia condapanna Berry ex Roxb. 139View illustration 
  14. Borassus flabelliformis Murray Borassus flabellifertoddy palmView illustrationPlant info
  15. Borassus flabelliformis Murray 121 Borassus flabellifertoddy palmView illustrationPlant info
  16. Brahea dulcis (Kunth) Mart. 137 Brahea dulcisView illustrationPlant info
  17. Brahea dulcis (Kunth) Mart. Tab. 162 Brahea dulcisView illustrationPlant info
  18. Calamus equestris 113View illustration 
  19. Calamus equestris.View illustration 
  20. Calamus reinwardti 112View illustration 
  21. Caryota urens L. Caryota urensjaggery palmView illustrationPlant info
  22. Caryota urens L. 107 Caryota urensjaggery palmView illustrationPlant info
  23. Ceratolobus glaucescens Blume 115View illustration 
  24. Chamaedorea elatior Mart. 126 Chamaedorea elatiorView illustrationPlant info
  25. Chamaedorea schiedeana Mart. 138 Chamaedorea schiedeanaView illustrationPlant info
  26. Chamaerops humilis L. Chamaerops humilisEuropean fan palmView illustrationPlant info
  27. Corypha rotundifolia Lam.View illustration 
  28. Daemonorops hygrophilus. Tab. 177View illustration 
  29. Daemonorops melanochaetes Blume 117View illustration 
  30. Desmoncus lophaeanthos Tab. 165View illustration 
  31. Eugeissona tristis Tab. 179View illustration 
  32. Eugeissona tristis Tab. 180View illustration 
  33. Harina caryotoides (Roxb.) Buch.-Ham. Wallichia caryotoidesView illustrationPlant info
  34. Hyophorbe Commersoniana.View illustration 
  35. Hyphaene thebaica Mart. 131View illustration 
  36. Hyphaene thebaica Mart. 132 Hyphaene thebaicadoum palmView illustrationPlant info
  37. Hyphaene thebaica Mart. 133View illustration 
  38. I. Corypha Taliera.View illustration 
  39. I. Areca crinita.View illustration 
  40. I. Attalea humilis Mart. Attalea humilisView illustrationPlant info
  41. I. Attalea princeps Mart.View illustration 
  42. I. Calamus RoyleanusView illustration 
  43. I. Daemonorops Mastersianus. Tab. 175View illustration 
  44. I. Daemonorops melanochaetes BlumeView illustration 
  45. I. Dypsis pinnatifrons Mart.View illustration 
  46. I. Hyophorbe Commersoniana.View illustration 
  47. I. II. III. Calamus platyacanthoides Merr. Calamus platyacanthusView illustrationPlant info
  48. I. II. Licuala spinosa WurmbView illustration 
  49. I. II. Oreodoxa oleracea (Jacq.) Mart.View illustration 
  50. I. III. Areca pumila.View illustration 
  51. I. Korthalsia polystachya.View illustration 
  52. I. Martinezia caryotaefolia.View illustration 
  53. I. Orbignya humilis Mart. Attalea eichleriaView illustrationPlant info
  54. I. Phoenix pusilla Gaertn.View illustration 
  55. I. Plectocomia elongataView illustration 
  56. I. Syagrus mikaniana (Mart.) Mart. Syagrus pseudococosView illustrationPlant info
  57. I.-III. Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) R. Br. Livistona chinensisfountain palm, Chinese fan palmView illustrationPlant info
  58. Iguanura geonomaeformis Tab. 178View illustration 
  59. II. Areca alba BoryView illustration 
  60. II. Attalea blepharopus Mart. Attalea butyraceaView illustrationPlant info
  61. II. Attalea cephalotes Poepp. ex Mart.View illustration 
  62. II. Attalea microcarpa Mart. 168 Attalea microcarpaView illustrationPlant info
  63. II. Calamus leptospadix (Buch.-Ham.) Mart.View illustration 
  64. II. Calamus ornatus BlumeView illustration 
  65. II. Calamus tenuis Roxb.View illustration 
  66. II. Corypha umbraculifera L. 127 Corypha umbraculiferaView illustrationPlant info
  67. II. Dypsis forficifolia Mart. Tab. 143 Dypsis forficifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  68. II. III. Chamaerops excelsa Thunb. Rhapis excelsaView illustrationPlant info
  69. II. Latania commersonii J.F. Gmel. Latania commersoniiView illustrationPlant info
  70. II. Nipa fructicans Thunb. Tab. 172 Nypa fruticansnipa palmView illustrationPlant info
  71. II. Seaforthia Reinwardtiana.View illustration 
  72. II.Syagrus amara (Jacq.) Mart. Syagrus amaraView illustrationPlant info
  73. II.-V. Chamaerops humilis L. 124 Chamaerops humilisEuropean fan palmView illustrationPlant info
  74. III. Areca rubra.View illustration 
  75. III. Attalea excelsa Mart. ex Spreng. Attalea phalerataView illustrationPlant info
  76. III. Attalea maracaibensis Mart. Attalea butyraceaView illustrationPlant info
  77. III. Calamus melanoloma.View illustration 
  78. III. Daemonorops geniculatus Mart.View illustration 
  79. III. Daemonorops verticillaris (Griffith) Mart.View illustration 
  80. III. Iubaea spectabilis. Tab. 161View illustration 
  81. III. IV. Licuala acutifida.View illustration 
  82. III. Seaforthia malaina. Tab. 158View illustration 
  83. III. Syagrus botryophora (Mart.) Mart. Syagrus botryophoraView illustrationPlant info
  84. III.-V. Oreodoxa regia Kunth Tab. 156 Roystonea regiaFlorida royal palmView illustrationPlant info
  85. IV. Areca monostachya. Tab. 155View illustration 
  86. IV. Attalea cohune Mart. Attalea cohuneCohune palmView illustrationPlant info
  87. IV. Attalea speciosa Mart. ex Spreng. Attalea speciosababassuView illustrationPlant info
  88. IV. Calamus extensus 116View illustration 
  89. IV. Calamus oblongus. Tab. 160View illustration 
  90. IV. Chamaerops hystrix Pursh 125 Rhapidophyllum hystrixneedle palmView illustrationPlant info
  91. IV. Daemonorops Hystrix.View illustration 
  92. IV. Daemonorops Lewisianus.View illustration 
  93. IV. Syagrus cocoides Mart. Syagrus cocoidesView illustrationPlant info
  94. IV. V. Areca Nibung. Tab. 153View illustration 
  95. IV-VI. Livistona inermis Tab. 146View illustration 
  96. IX. Calamus flagellum Griff. Calamus flagellumView illustrationPlant info
  97. IX. Daemonorops grandis (Griff.) Griff. ex MartiusView illustration 
  98. Kunthia montana Humb. & Bonpl. Tab. 142 Chamaedorea linearisView illustrationPlant info
  99. Latania commersonii J.F. Gmel. Latania commersoniiView illustrationPlant info
  100. Licuala peltata Roxb. Licuala peltataView illustrationPlant info
  101. Licuala peltata Roxb. 134 Licuala peltataView illustrationPlant info
  102. Livistona humilis R. Br.View illustration 
  103. Livistona humilis R. Br. 110View illustration 
  104. Livistona humilis R. Br. 111View illustration 
  105. Livistona inermis Tab. 145View illustration 
  106. Lodoicea sechellarum Labill. 109View illustration 
  107. Lodoicea sechellarum Labill. 122View illustration 
  108. Metroxylon Rumphii Tab. 159View illustration 
  109. Metroxylon sagu Rottb.View illustration 
  110. Morenia poeppigiana Mart. 140View illustration 
  111. Morenia poeppigiana Mart. 141View illustration 
  112. Nipa fructicans Thunb. 108 Nypa fruticansnipa palmView illustrationPlant info
  113. Nipa fructicans Thunb. Tab. 171 Nypa fruticansnipa palmView illustrationPlant info
  114. Orania Macrocladus.View illustration 
  115. Orania porphyrocarpa Tab. 157View illustration 
  116. Orbignya phalerata Mart. Tab. 170View illustration 
  117. Oreodoxa oleracea (Jacq.) Mart. Tab. 163View illustration 
  118. Phoenix dactylifera L. 120 Phoenix dactyliferadate palmView illustrationPlant info
  119. Phoenix paludosa.View illustration 
  120. Phoenix pusilla Gaertn.View illustration 
  121. Phoenix reclinata Jacq. Tab. 164 Phoenix reclinataSenegal date palm, reclining date palmView illustrationPlant info
  122. Phoenix sylvestris (L.) Roxb. 136View illustration 
  123. Plectocomia elongata 114View illustration 
  124. Rhapis flabelliformis L'He|4r. ex Aiton Tab. 144 Rhapis excelsaView illustrationPlant info
  125. Sabal adansonii Guers. Sabal minordwarf palmettoView illustrationPlant info
  126. Sabal umbraculifera Mart. 130View illustration 
  127. Sagus elataView illustration 
  128. Seaforthi Ptychoserma. 128View illustration 
  129. Seaforthia elegans R. Br.View illustration 
  130. Seaforthia elegans R. Br. 105View illustration 
  131. Seaforthia elegans R. Br. 106View illustration 
  132. Seaforthia Ptychosperma 129View illustration 
  133. Thrinax argentea.View illustration 
  134. Thrinax brasiliensis Mart. 104View illustration 
  135. Thrinax multiflora Mart. Thrinax multifloraFlorida thatch palmView illustrationPlant info
  136. V. Attalea maripa (Aubl.) Mart. Attalea maripaView illustrationPlant info
  137. V. Attalea phalerata Mart. ex Spreng. Tab. 169 Attalea phalerataView illustrationPlant info
  138. V. Daemonorops longipes.View illustration 
  139. V. Daemonorops monticola.View illustration 
  140. V. Licuala rotundifolia. 135View illustration 
  141. V. Syagrus comosa (Mart.) Mart. Syagrus comosaView illustrationPlant info
  142. VI. Elaeis melanococca Gaertn. Elaeis melanococcaView illustrationPlant info
  143. VI. Attalea gomphococca Mart. Attalea butyraceaView illustrationPlant info
  144. VI. Calamus acanthospathus.View illustration 
  145. VI. Daemonorops calicarpus.View illustration 
  146. VI. Orbignya dubia Mart. Attalea dubiaView illustrationPlant info
  147. VII. Arecina ? E Peruvia. Tab. 166View illustration 
  148. VII. Calamus exilisView illustration 
  149. VII. Cocos lapidea Gaertn. Tab. 167 Orbignya guacuyuleView illustrationPlant info
  150. VII. Daemonorops manillensis.View illustration 
  151. VIII. Calamus collinus Griff. Calamus erectusView illustrationPlant info
  152. VIII. Daemonorops intermedius.View illustration 
  153. X. Calamus macrocarpus.View illustration 
  154. X. Daemonorops draco (Willd.) BlumeView illustration 
  155. XI. Daemonorops melanolepis.View illustration 
  156. XI. Plectocomia Khasiyana.View illustration 
  157. XII. Calamus geminiflorus.View illustration 
  158. XII. Plectocomia assamica Griff. Tab. 176.View illustration 
  159. Zalacca Blumeana 123View illustration 
  160. Zalacca conferta Tab. 173View illustration 
  161. Zalacca conferta Tab. 174View illustration 
  162. Zalacca Wallichiana 118View illustration 
  163. Zalacca Wallichiana 119View illustration 
  164. Zalacca Wallichiana.View illustration 
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