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Icones plantarum rariorum / editae Nicolao Josepho Jacquin.  Volume 2 of 3

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Agave fœtida Furcraea foetidaMauritius hempView illustrationPlant info
  2. Agave virginica Manfreda virginicaFalse aloe; Amole de Virginia [Spanish]View illustrationPlant info
  3. Albuca aurea Albuca aureaView illustrationPlant info
  4. Albuca caudata Albuca caudataView illustrationPlant info
  5. Albuca flaccida Albuca flaccidaView illustrationPlant info
  6. Albuca major Albuca canadensisView illustrationPlant info
  7. Albuca setosa Jacq. Albuca setosaView illustrationPlant info
  8. Albuca spiralis Albuca spiralisView illustrationPlant info
  9. Albuca viridifloraView illustration 
  10. Albuca viscosa Albuca viscosaView illustrationPlant info
  11. Allium illyricum Allium roseumView illustrationPlant info
  12. Allium striatum Nothoscordum bivalveCrowpoisonView illustrationPlant info
  13. Allium suaveolens Jacq.View illustration 
  14. Alpinia comosa Jacq.View illustration 
  15. Amaryllis longifolia Cybistetes longifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  16. Anthericum bipedunculatumView illustration 
  17. Anthericum exuviatum Jacq.View illustration 
  18. Anthericum filifolium Jacq. Drimia filifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  19. Anthericum flexifoliumView illustration 
  20. Anthericum hispidumView illustration 
  21. Anthericum latifolium Bulbine latifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  22. Anthericum longifolium A. Rich.View illustration 
  23. Anthericum longiscapumView illustration 
  24. Anthericum nutansView illustration 
  25. Anthericum physodesView illustration 
  26. Anthericum pilosumView illustration 
  27. Anthericum præmorsumView illustration 
  28. Anthericum pugioniformeView illustration 
  29. Anthericum pusillumView illustration 
  30. Anthericum rostratum Jacq.View illustration 
  31. Anthericum subtrigynumView illustration 
  32. Anthericum undulatum Jacq.View illustration 
  33. Asclepias citrifolia Jacq.View illustration 
  34. Borago zeylanica Trichodesma zeylanicumView illustrationPlant info
  35. Budlea capitataView illustration 
  36. Bupleurum arborescens Heteromorpha trifoliataView illustrationPlant info
  37. Campanula zoysiiView illustration 
  38. Celosia virgata Celosia virgataView illustrationPlant info
  39. Chenopodium caudatum Amaranthus viridisSlender amaranthView illustrationPlant info
  40. Chenopodium guineense Jacq.View illustration 
  41. Commelina longicaulis Commelina gracilisView illustrationPlant info
  42. Commelina mollis Jacq.View illustration 
  43. Convolvulus crenatus Convolvulus hermanniaeView illustrationPlant info
  44. Convolvulus pentanthus Jacq.View illustration 
  45. Crassula umbella Jacq. Crassula umbellaView illustrationPlant info
  46. Crinum tenellumView illustration 
  47. Cyanella orchidiformis Cyanella orchidiformisView illustrationPlant info
  48. Cynanchum carolinense Jacq.View illustration 
  49. Cynanchum monspeliacum L.View illustration 
  50. Cynanchum obliquum Jacq.View illustration 
  51. Cyperus alternifolius L. Cyperus racemosusView illustrationPlant info
  52. Cyperus distans L. f.View illustration 
  53. Cyperus longus Cyperus longusView illustrationPlant info
  54. Cyperus tenuiflorus Rottb. Cyperus tenuiflorusView illustrationPlant info
  55. Cyperus viscosus Cyperus elegansroyal flatsedge, sticky flatsedgeView illustrationPlant info
  56. Dracæna terminalis Cordyline fruticosaTiplantView illustrationPlant info
  57. Drimia ciliaris Drimia ciliarisView illustrationPlant info
  58. Drimia elata Drimia elataView illustrationPlant info
  59. Drimia media Drimia mediaView illustrationPlant info
  60. Drimia pusilla Jacq.View illustration 
  61. Drimia undulata Ledebouria undulataView illustrationPlant info
  62. Echium glaucophyllum Lobostemon glaucophyllusView illustrationPlant info
  63. Elymus hystrix L. Hystrix patulaView illustrationPlant info
  64. Eriospermum latifolium Eriospermum capenseView illustrationPlant info
  65. Eriospermum latifolium Eriospermum capenseView illustrationPlant info
  66. Eriospermum parvifolium Eriospermum parvifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  67. Eryngium aquaticum Eryngium aquaticumrattlesnakemasterView illustrationPlant info
  68. Eucomis bifoliaView illustration 
  69. Galaxia ovata Galaxia ovataView illustrationPlant info
  70. Galaxia plicataView illustration 
  71. Gladioli iridifolii varietasView illustration 
  72. Gladioli longiflori VarietasView illustration 
  73. Gladioli Meriani varietasView illustration 
  74. Gladioli tristis varietasView illustration 
  75. Gladioli tubati varietasView illustration 
  76. Gladiolus alatus L.View illustration 
  77. Gladiolus albidusView illustration 
  78. Gladiolus ancepsView illustration 
  79. Gladiolus angustus Gladiolus angustusView illustrationPlant info
  80. Gladiolus bicolor Thunb.View illustration 
  81. Gladiolus brevifolius Jacq.View illustration 
  82. Gladiolus carneus Delaroche Gladiolus carneusView illustrationPlant info
  83. Gladiolus crispusView illustration 
  84. Gladiolus cuspidatusView illustration 
  85. Gladiolus fissifoliusView illustration 
  86. Gladiolus floribundus Jacq.View illustration 
  87. Gladiolus galeatus Jacq.View illustration 
  88. Gladiolus gracilis Jacq.View illustration 
  89. Gladiolus gramineusView illustration 
  90. Gladiolus hirsutus Gladiolus caryophyllaceusView illustrationPlant info
  91. Gladiolus iridifoliusView illustration 
  92. Gladiolus laccatus Jacq.View illustration 
  93. Gladiolus longiflorusView illustration 
  94. Gladiolus merianus (L.) Thunb.View illustration 
  95. Gladiolus mucronatusView illustration 
  96. Gladiolus plicatus (L.) L.View illustration 
  97. Gladiolus plicatus angustifoliusView illustration 
  98. Gladiolus punctatusView illustration 
  99. Gladiolus refracta Jacq.View illustration 
  100. Gladiolus roseusView illustration 
  101. Gladiolus silenoidesView illustration 
  102. Gladiolus striatusView illustration 
  103. Gladiolus strictus AitonView illustration 
  104. Gladiolus sulphureusView illustration 
  105. Gladiolus tenellus Gladiolus trichonemifoliusView illustrationPlant info
  106. Gladiolus tristis Gladiolus tristisever-flowering gladiolusView illustrationPlant info
  107. Gladiolus tristis Gladiolus tristisever-flowering gladiolusView illustrationPlant info
  108. Gladiolus tubatusView illustration 
  109. Gladiolus tubiflorusView illustration 
  110. Gladiolus tubulosusView illustration 
  111. Gladiolus undulatus Gladiolus undulatusView illustrationPlant info
  112. Gladiolus watsonius Homoglossum watsoniumView illustrationPlant info
  113. Gomphrena brasiliensis (L.) Lam.View illustration 
  114. Gronovia scandens L. Gronovia scandensView illustrationPlant info
  115. Hamellia chrysanthaView illustration 
  116. Helonias pumilaView illustration 
  117. Hypecoum littoraleView illustration 
  118. Hypoxis obliquaView illustration 
  119. Hypoxis plicataView illustration 
  120. Hypoxis serrataView illustration 
  121. Hypoxis sobolifera Hypoxis soboliferaView illustrationPlant info
  122. Hypoxis stellataView illustration 
  123. Hypoxis villosa L. f.View illustration 
  124. Ilex ligustrinaView illustration 
  125. Ipomœa angustifolia Merremia tridentataAfrican morningvineView illustrationPlant info
  126. Ipomoea leucantha Jacq.View illustration 
  127. Ipomoea pentaphylla Cav.View illustration 
  128. Iris flavissima Pall. Iris humilisView illustrationPlant info
  129. Iris tricuspis Thunb.View illustration 
  130. Iris tripetala Iris tripetalasavannah irisView illustrationPlant info
  131. Iris virginica Iris virginicaVirginia irisView illustrationPlant info
  132. Ixia anemonaeflora Jacq.View illustration 
  133. Ixia bulbocodium MurrayView illustration 
  134. Ixia chloroleuca Jacq.View illustration 
  135. Ixia corymbosaView illustration 
  136. Ixia cruciata Jacq.View illustration 
  137. Ixia falcata L. f.View illustration 
  138. Ixia fenestrataView illustration 
  139. Ixia fragrans Jacq.View illustration 
  140. Ixia incarnata Ixia latifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  141. Ixia lanceaView illustration 
  142. Ixia leucantha Ixia polystachyaView illustrationPlant info
  143. Ixia linearisView illustration 
  144. Ixia polystachya L.View illustration 
  145. Ixia puniceaView illustration 
  146. Ixia purpureaView illustration 
  147. Ixia purpureæ varietasView illustration 
  148. Ixia radiata Jacq.View illustration 
  149. Ixia rubrocyancaView illustration 
  150. Ixia secunda KerView illustration 
  151. Ixia uniflora L.View illustration 
  152. Ixia villosaView illustration 
  153. Kyllinga incompleta Jacq.View illustration 
  154. Lachenalia angustifoliaView illustration 
  155. Lachenalia glaucina Lachenalia orchioidesView illustrationPlant info
  156. Lachenalia hyacinthoidesView illustration 
  157. Lachenalia isopetala Lachenalia isopetalaView illustrationPlant info
  158. Lachenalia lanceæfoliaView illustration 
  159. Lachenalia liliflora Lachenalia lilifloraView illustrationPlant info
  160. Lachenalia luteolaView illustration 
  161. Lachenalia mediana Lachenalia medianaView illustrationPlant info
  162. Lachenalia orchioides Lachenalia glaucinaView illustrationPlant info
  163. Lachenalia orthopetala Lachenalia orthopetalaView illustrationPlant info
  164. Lachenalia patula Lachenalia patulaView illustrationPlant info
  165. Lachenalia pendula Lachenalia bulbiferaView illustrationPlant info
  166. Lachenalia punctataView illustration 
  167. Lachenalia purpureaView illustration 
  168. Lachenalia purpuro-cœrulea Lachenalia purpureo-caeruleaView illustrationPlant info
  169. Lachenalia pusilla Lachenalia pusillaView illustrationPlant info
  170. Lachenalia pustulata Lachenalia pustulataView illustrationPlant info
  171. Lachenalia quadricolorView illustration 
  172. Lachenalia rubida Jacq. Lachenalia rubidaView illustrationPlant info
  173. Lachenalia tigrinaView illustration 
  174. Lachenalia unicolor Lachenalia unicolorView illustrationPlant info
  175. Lachenalia violacea Lachenalia violaceaView illustrationPlant info
  176. Laserpitium peucedanoides L.View illustration 
  177. Leucojum strumosumView illustration 
  178. Linum africanum Linum africanumView illustrationPlant info
  179. Lithospermum tenuiflorum Buglossoides tenuifloraView illustrationPlant info
  180. Lopezia mexicana Lopezia racemosaView illustrationPlant info
  181. Mangifera indica L. Mangifera indicamangoView illustrationPlant info
  182. Maranta lutea Calathea luteapampanoView illustrationPlant info
  183. Melanthium eucomoidesView illustration 
  184. Melanthium junceumView illustration 
  185. Melanthium uniflorumView illustration 
  186. Moraea collina Thunb.View illustration 
  187. Moræa palmifoliaView illustration 
  188. Moræa sordescens Moraea vegetaView illustrationPlant info
  189. Moraea vegeta L. Moraea vegetaView illustrationPlant info
  190. Moraea virgata Jacq.View illustration 
  191. Myginda rhacoma Sw.View illustration 
  192. Ochrosia maculata Jacq.View illustration 
  193. Ornithogalum caudatum Ornithogalum longibracteatumView illustrationPlant info
  194. Ornithogalum coarctatumView illustration 
  195. Ornithogalum coarctatumView illustration 
  196. Ornithogalum comosum L.View illustration 
  197. Ornithogalum conicum Jacq.View illustration 
  198. Ornithogalum flavescens Lam.View illustration 
  199. Ornithogalum fuscatumView illustration 
  200. Ornithogalum lacteum Ornithogalum conicumView illustrationPlant info
  201. Ornithogalum latifolium L.View illustration 
  202. Ornithogalum miniatum Ornithogalum dubiumView illustrationPlant info
  203. Ornithogalum odoratumView illustration 
  204. Ornithogalum polyphyllum Ornithogalum odoratissimumView illustrationPlant info
  205. Ornithogalum pyramidaleView illustration 
  206. Ornithogalum secundum Ornithogalum secundumView illustrationPlant info
  207. Ornithogalum suaveolens Jacq. Ornithogalum suaveolensView illustrationPlant info
  208. Ornithogalum tenellumView illustration 
  209. Paspalum racemosum Lam. Paspalum racemosumPeruvian paspalumView illustrationPlant info
  210. Phleum gerardii All.View illustration 
  211. Phyteuma hemisphæricaView illustration 
  212. Piper aduncum L. Piper aduncumhiguillo de hoja menuda, spiked pepperView illustrationPlant info
  213. Piper blandum Peperomia blandaView illustrationPlant info
  214. Piper clusiifolium Jacq.View illustration 
  215. Piper cuneifolium Peperomia obtusifoliababy rubberplantView illustrationPlant info
  216. Piper Magnoliifolium Jacq. Peperomia magnoliifoliaspoonleaf peperomiaView illustrationPlant info
  217. Piper marginatum Jacq. Piper marginatummarigold pepperView illustrationPlant info
  218. Piper pereskiæfolium Peperomia pereskiifoliapeperomiaView illustrationPlant info
  219. Piper stellatumView illustration 
  220. Piper tuberculatum Jacq.View illustration 
  221. Piper umbellatum L. Pothomorphe umbellatamonkey's handView illustrationPlant info
  222. Plantago patagonica Plantago patagonicawoolly plantain, woolly Indianwheat, woolly plantian, wooly Indianwheat, wooly plantainView illustrationPlant info
  223. Poa ciliaris L.View illustration 
  224. Poa sicula Desmazeria siculaView illustrationPlant info
  225. Polyanthes pygmæaView illustration 
  226. Rhamnus volubilis Berchemia scandensAlabama supplejackView illustrationPlant info
  227. Salvia pseudococcinea Jacq. Salvia coccineablood sageView illustrationPlant info
  228. Sanicula marilandica L. Sanicula marilandicaMaryland sanicle, black sanicle, Maryland black-snakerootView illustrationPlant info
  229. Solanum aggregatum Solanum guineenseView illustrationPlant info
  230. Solanum carolinense Solanum carolinenseCarolina horsenettle, apple of Sodom, bull nettle, devil's tomato, horsenettle, sand briarView illustrationPlant info
  231. Solanum diphyllum Solanum diphyllumtwoleaf nightshade, twinleaf nightshadeView illustrationPlant info
  232. Solanum fugax Jacq.View illustration 
  233. Solanum giganteum Solanum niveumView illustrationPlant info
  234. Solanum lanceifolium Jacq. Solanum lanceifoliumlanceleaf nightshadeView illustrationPlant info
  235. Solanum milleri Lam.View illustration 
  236. Solanum nodiflorum Jacq. Solanum americanumAmerican black nightshadeView illustrationPlant info
  237. Solanum peruvianum L. Lycopersicon peruvianumPeruvian tomatoView illustrationPlant info
  238. Solanum stellatum Jacq.View illustration 
  239. Solanum virginianum L. Solanum virginianumView illustrationPlant info
  240. Spananthe paniculata Jacq. Spananthe paniculataView illustrationPlant info
  241. Spermacoce hirta Mitracarpus hirtustropical girdlepodView illustrationPlant info
  242. Strumaria angustifolia Strumaria angustifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  243. Strumaria lingifolia Jacq. Strumaria linguifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  244. Strumaria rubella Strumaria rubellaView illustrationPlant info
  245. Strumaria truncataView illustration 
  246. Strumaria undulata Jacq. Strumaria undulataView illustrationPlant info
  247. Tabernaemontana persicariifolia Jacq. Tabernaemontana persicariifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  248. Tradescantia erecta Tinantia erectaView illustrationPlant info
  249. Tradescantia multiflora Tripogandra multifloraView illustrationPlant info
  250. Triglochin bulbosa L.View illustration 
  251. Tusticia bracteolataView illustration 
  252. Tusticia caracasanaView illustration 
  253. Tusticia pulcherrimaView illustration 
  254. Verbena mutabilis Stachytarpheta mutabilisChangeable velvetberryView illustrationPlant info
  255. Verbena prismatica L.View illustration 
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