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A curious herbal, containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick : engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings taken from the life / by Elizabeth Blackwell. To which is added a short description of ye plants and their common uses in physick.  Volume 1 of 2

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Abies mas (The male Fir or Silver Fir)View illustration 
  2. Abies rubra or Picea (the Common Fir or Pitch Tree)View illustration 
  3. Absinthium vulgare (Wormwood)View illustration 
  4. Acanthus Branca Ursina (Bears Breech or Brank Ursin)View illustration 
  5. Acetosa (Sorrell)View illustration 
  6. Adianthum album (White Maiden Hair)View illustration 
  7. Adianthum nigrum (Black Maiden Hair)View illustration 
  8. Agrimonia (Agrimony)View illustration 
  9. Alchimilla (Ladies Mantle)View illustration 
  10. Alkekengi or Halicacabum (Red Winter Cherries)View illustration 
  11. Alnus nigra Gilib. (Black Alder)View illustration 
  12. Aloe vulgaris (The Common Aloes)View illustration 
  13. Alsine (Chickweed)View illustration 
  14. Althea Bismalva Ibiscus (Marshmallows)View illustration 
  15. Amoris Pomum (Love Apple)View illustration 
  16. Amygdalus (The Almond Tree)View illustration 
  17. Anagallis terrestris mas (Pimpernel or Male Pimpernel)View illustration 
  18. Anchusa (Alkanet)View illustration 
  19. Androsaemum (Tutsan or Park Leaves)View illustration 
  20. Aparine (Clivers or Goose Grass)View illustration 
  21. Aquifolium (The Holly Tree)View illustration 
  22. Arbor Vitae (The Tree Of Life)View illustration 
  23. Argentina or Potentilla (Wild tanisie, or Silver weed)View illustration 
  24. Artanita Cyclamen (Sow bread)View illustration 
  25. Arum (Wake Robin or Cuckon pint)View illustration 
  26. Asclepias Vincetoxicum Hirundinaria (Swallow Wort Tame Poison)View illustration 
  27. Asperula odorata or Aspergula (Wood roof)View illustration 
  28. Asphdelus verus albus (The true white Asphodel)View illustration 
  29. Asphodelus verus luteus or hasta Regia. (Yellow Asphodel or Kings Spear)View illustration 
  30. Aspium hortense or Petroselinum vulgare (Garden Parsley)View illustration 
  31. Asplenium ceterach L. (Spleen Wort Ceterach Miltwast) Ceterach officinarumView illustrationPlant info
  32. Aster Atticus or Inguinalis (Starwort or Aster Attic)View illustration 
  33. Atriplex L. (Arrach) Atriplex saltbush, saltbush speciesView illustrationPlant info
  34. Atriplex olida (Wild stinking Arrach)View illustration 
  35. Baccharis Monspeliensium (Plowmans Spikenard great conysa)View illustration 
  36. Balsamita mas or Costus hortorum (Costmary or Alecoast)View illustration 
  37. Bardana major Lappa Major (The Great Burdock)View illustration 
  38. Basilicon or Ocimum (Basil)View illustration 
  39. Becalunga (Brooklime Anagalis aquatica)View illustration 
  40. Bellis major (Ox-Eye-Daisy, the Great Daisy)View illustration 
  41. Bellis Sylvestris minor (The Small wild Daisy)View illustration 
  42. Berberis Oxyacantha (The Barberry Bush)View illustration 
  43. Beta Rubra or Nigra (Red Beet)View illustration 
  44. Betula (Birch)View illustration 
  45. Bruscus or Ruscus (Kneeholm or Butchers broom)View illustration 
  46. Bryonia alba or Vitis alba (White Briony)View illustration 
  47. Buglossum Mill. (Borrage Borrago)View illustration 
  48. Buglossum Sylvestre (Wild Bugloss)View illustration 
  49. Bursa pastoris (Shepherd's purse)View illustration 
  50. Buxus (The Box Tree)View illustration 
  51. Calamentha aquatica (Water Calamint)View illustration 
  52. Calamentha montana (Mountain Calamint)View illustration 
  53. Calamintha officinalis Moench (The Common Calamint of the shops) Calamintha nepetalesser calamintView illustrationPlant info
  54. Calendula (Marygolds)View illustration 
  55. Caprifolium or Peryclemenum (Wood-Bind or Honey-Suckle)View illustration 
  56. Cardamine (Ladie's Smock Cuckon flower)View illustration 
  57. Cardiaca (Motherwort or Marrubum call'd Cardiaca)View illustration 
  58. Carduus mariae Crantz (Ladies Thistle) Silybum marianumblessed milkthistle, blessed milk-thistle, milk thistle, spotted thistle, variegated thistleView illustrationPlant info
  59. Carobe or Siliqua (The Carob Tree)View illustration 
  60. Caryophyllus ruber (Clove July Flowers)View illustration 
  61. Cataputia major & Ricinus (The Greater Spurge or Palma Christi)View illustration 
  62. Cataputia minor Lathyris (Garden Spurge or Lathyris)View illustration 
  63. Cauda equina (Horsetail)View illustration 
  64. Centaurium majus or magnum (Great Centory)View illustration 
  65. Chaerefolium (Chervil)View illustration 
  66. Chamaedrys Trissago (Small Germander)View illustration 
  67. Chelidonim minus (Pilewort or Small Celedine)View illustration 
  68. Chelidonium majus L. (Great Celandine or Yellow horn Poppy) Chelidonium majuscelandineView illustrationPlant info
  69. Cichorium Sativum or Seris (Garden Succory)View illustration 
  70. Cichorium Sylvestre (Wild Succory)View illustration 
  71. Cistus landifera vera Cretica (The True Sweet Gum Cistus of Candy)View illustration 
  72. Citrullus or Anguria (The Citrul or Watermellon)View illustration 
  73. Cochlearia Batava (Scurvy Grass)View illustration 
  74. Cochlearia Britanica marina (Sea Scurvy Grass)View illustration 
  75. Convolvulus major albus or Smilax laevis (Great White Bindweed)View illustration 
  76. Conysa & Pulicaria (Flea bane)View illustration 
  77. Coriandrum (Coriander)View illustration 
  78. Cornus mas L. (The Cornel Tree)View illustration 
  79. Coronopus ruellii All. (Buckshorn or Swines Cresses)View illustration 
  80. Cortex winteranus Garsault (The Magellanic Bay-like Tree or Winter's Bark)View illustration 
  81. Cotula faetida (May Weed or Faetid Camomile)View illustration 
  82. Crassula or Fabaria (Orpine or Live long)View illustration 
  83. Crocus (Saffron)View illustration 
  84. Cruciata (Cross wort)View illustration 
  85. Cucumis agrestis (Naudin) Grebensc. (Wild Cucumber) Melo agrestisView illustrationPlant info
  86. Cucumis sativus L. (Garden cucumber) Cucumis sativusView illustrationPlant info
  87. Cupressus mas (The Male Cypress Tree)View illustration 
  88. Cydonea or Mala cotonea majora (Quinces)View illustration 
  89. Cynoglossum (Hounds tongue)View illustration 
  90. Dactilus or Palma (The Palm or Date Tree)View illustration 
  91. Delphinium or Consolida regalis (Lark's Spur)View illustration 
  92. Dens Leonis (Dandelion)View illustration 
  93. Digitalis (Fox Glove)View illustration 
  94. Dipsacus Silvestris or Labrum veneris (Wild Teasel)View illustration 
  95. Dornicum Romanorum (Great Woolf's bane or Leopard's bane)View illustration 
  96. Dracunculus hortensis (Tarragon)View illustration 
  97. Elatine or Veronica foemina (Fluellin or Female Speedwell)View illustration 
  98. Elleborum or Veratrum album (White Hellebore)View illustration 
  99. Erigeron Senecio (Groundfel)View illustration 
  100. Eruca (Rocket)View illustration 
  101. Erysimum (Hedge-Mustard)View illustration 
  102. Esula minor Pityusa (The Smaller Spurge)View illustration 
  103. Eupatorium Avicennae (The Eupatorium of Avicenna)View illustration 
  104. Faba major or major hortensis (The Garden Bean)View illustration 
  105. Ficus (The Fig Tree)View illustration 
  106. Flex coccigera (The Scarlet Oak)View illustration 
  107. Fragaria (Strawberries)View illustration 
  108. Fraxinella Dictamus albus or Fraxinella (White Dittany)View illustration 
  109. Fumaria (Fumitory)View illustration 
  110. Galega or Ruta capraria (Goats Rue)View illustration 
  111. Galiopsis (Hedge Nettle)View illustration 
  112. Gallium album latefolium (White Ladies Bed Straw)View illustration 
  113. Genista (Broom)View illustration 
  114. Geranium Columbinum or Pes Columbinus (Doves foot or Crane's Bill)View illustration 
  115. Geranium moschatum (L.) L. (Musk Cranes Bill)View illustration 
  116. Granata Punica mala (Pomgranates)View illustration 
  117. Hedera arborea (L.) Sw. (The Ivy Tree)View illustration 
  118. Hedera Terrestris (Ground Ivy or Alehoof)View illustration 
  119. Helleboraster (Bears foot or Black Helleborastes)View illustration 
  120. Hepatica nobilis Mill. (Noble Liverwort) Hepatica nobilishepaticaView illustrationPlant info
  121. Hipppoglossum Bislingua (Horse Tounge or Double Tounge)View illustration 
  122. Horminum hortense Sclarea (Garden Clary)View illustration 
  123. Hyacinthus (Hyacinth or Hare-bells)View illustration 
  124. Hydropiper (Sharp Arsmart or Water Pepper)View illustration 
  125. Hyoscyamus albus L. (White Henbane) Hyoscyamus albuswhite henbaneView illustrationPlant info
  126. Hypericum (St. John's Wort)View illustration 
  127. Iris nostras hortensis (Garden Flower de-luce)View illustration 
  128. Iris Sylvestris spatula fætida (Wild Iris or Stinking Gladwyn)View illustration 
  129. Isatis (Woad)View illustration 
  130. Jasminum or Jasminum album (Jasmine or Jasminum album)View illustration 
  131. Juglans (The Wallnut)View illustration 
  132. Juniperus L. (the Juniper Tree) Juniperus juniper, cedar [English], cedro [Spanish], redcedar [English], sabinoView illustrationPlant info
  133. Keiri Cheiri (Wall Flower)View illustration 
  134. Laminum album or Urtica mortua (White Archangel or Dead Nettle)View illustration 
  135. Lamium rubrum (Red Archangel)View illustration 
  136. Latuca (Lettice)View illustration 
  137. Laureola (Spurge Laurel)View illustration 
  138. Laurus Alexandrina (The Bay of Alexandria)View illustration 
  139. Lentiscus (The Mastich or Lentisk Tree)View illustration 
  140. Leucojum album (White Stock July Flower)View illustration 
  141. Ligustrum (Privet or prim Print)View illustration 
  142. Lilium album (White Lily)View illustration 
  143. Lilium convallium (Lillies of the Valley)View illustration 
  144. Linaria lutea vulgaris (Toad Flax)View illustration 
  145. Lingua Cervina & Phyllitis (Harts Tounge)View illustration 
  146. Linum L. (Flax) Linum flaxView illustrationPlant info
  147. Malus Sativa (The Apple Tree)View illustration 
  148. Malus sylvestris Mill. (The Wilding or Crab Tree) Malus sylvestrisEuropean crabappleView illustrationPlant info
  149. Malva vulgaris (Common Mallon)View illustration 
  150. Marribium nigrum Ballote (Black or Stinking Horehound)View illustration 
  151. Marum Syriacum (Maurum or Syrian mastic Thyme)View illustration 
  152. Marum Vulgare (Mastich Time or Herb Mastich)View illustration 
  153. Matricaria (Featherfen)View illustration 
  154. Melilotus (Melilot)View illustration 
  155. Melissa (Balm)View illustration 
  156. Mentha aquatica or Sisymbrium (Water Mint)View illustration 
  157. Mercurialis mas & foemina (French Mercury)View illustration 
  158. Mespilus (The Medlar Tree)View illustration 
  159. Millefolium (Yarrow or Milfoil)View illustration 
  160. Morsus Diaboli & Succisa (Devil's bit or Smooth Succisa)View illustration 
  161. Morus nigra vulgaris (The Mulberry tree)View illustration 
  162. Myrrhis (Sweet Cicely)View illustration 
  163. Myrtus Bætica Sylvestris (The Mirtle Tree)View illustration 
  164. Napus Sylvestris (Wild Naven)View illustration 
  165. Nasturtium Hortense (Garden Cress)View illustration 
  166. Olea or Olea Sativa (The Olive Tree)View illustration 
  167. Olea Sylvestrisor or Oleaster (The Wild Olive Tree)View illustration 
  168. Orobus Venetus & Orobus (Venetian Orobus)View illustration 
  169. Paeonia faemina (The Female Piony)View illustration 
  170. Paeonia mas (Male Piony)View illustration 
  171. Papaver rubrum (Red, Wild, or Corn Poppy)View illustration 
  172. Paralysis (The Conslip or Paigle)View illustration 
  173. Parietaria Helxine (Pellitory of the Wall)View illustration 
  174. Paronychia rutaceo folio (Rue Leaved Whitlon Grass)View illustration 
  175. Perfoliata J. Burman ex Kuntze (Thorow Wax)View illustration 
  176. Persica Malus (The Peach Tree)View illustration 
  177. Persicaria maculata or maculosa (Dead or Spotted Arsmart) Polygonum lapathifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  178. Petasites (Butterbur)View illustration 
  179. Petum Tabaccum (Tobacco)View illustration 
  180. Pinus or Pinus Sativa (The Pine Tree or manur'd Pine)View illustration 
  181. Pinus sylvestris L. (The Wild Pine) Pinus sylvestrisScotch pine, Scots pine [English]View illustrationPlant info
  182. Piper Indicum (Guinea Pepper Capsicum)View illustration 
  183. Pisum L. (Pease) Pisum peaView illustrationPlant info
  184. Plantago angustifolia or Quinquenervia (Narrow-leaved Plantain or Ribwort)View illustration 
  185. Plantago latifolia or Septinervia (Broad leaved Plantain)View illustration 
  186. Polygonatum & Sigillum Solomonis (Solomon's Seal)View illustration 
  187. Polypodium Quernicum (Wall fern or Polypody of the Oak)View illustration 
  188. Populus nigra L. (Black Poplar) Populus nigraLombardy poplar, black cottonwood, black poplar, Lombardy's poplarView illustrationPlant info
  189. Primula veris L. (Primrose) Primula veriscowslip primroseView illustrationPlant info
  190. Prunella or Brunella (Self Heal)View illustration 
  191. Punica mala (Pomganates Granata)View illustration 
  192. Ranunctus pratensis repens (Crow Foot)View illustration 
  193. Raphanus hortensis (Garden Radish)View illustration 
  194. Rapum (Turnep)View illustration 
  195. Rhamnus catharticus Spina cervina (Buckthorn)View illustration 
  196. Rosa alba L. (The White Rose)View illustration 
  197. Rosa canina L. (Wild Rosa or Briar Rose)View illustration 
  198. Rosa damascena Mill. (The Damask Rose) Rosa damascenadamask roseView illustrationPlant info
  199. Rosa Rubra (The Red Rose)View illustration 
  200. Rosmarinus (Rosemary)View illustration 
  201. Rubus or Rubus vulgaris (Bramble or Blackberry Bush)View illustration 
  202. Ruta (Rue)View illustration 
  203. Salvia (Sage)View illustration 
  204. Salvia agrestris or Scordonia (Wool Sage)View illustration 
  205. Salvia minor or Virtutis (Sage of Vertue)View illustration 
  206. Sambucus L. (Elder) Sambucus elderberryView illustrationPlant info
  207. Sanicula or Diapentia (Sanicle or Self Heal)View illustration 
  208. Saponaria Vulgaris (Sopewort or Bruisewort)View illustration 
  209. Satyrium mas (Male Satyrion or Male Fools Stones)View illustration 
  210. Saxifraga alba (White Saxifrage)View illustration 
  211. Scabiosa vulgaris pratensis (Field Scabious)View illustration 
  212. Scrophularia aquatica (Water Betony or Figwort)View illustration 
  213. Scrophularia Major (Major Fig Wort)View illustration 
  214. Sedum minimum (Wall pepper or Stonecrop)View illustration 
  215. Sinapi album (White Mustard)View illustration 
  216. Solanum hortense (Night Shade)View illustration 
  217. Solanum lignosum or Dulca mara (Woody Night Shade or Bitter Sweet)View illustration 
  218. Sonchus asper (L.) Hill (Sow Thistle) Picrosia longifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  219. Sonchus laeveris (Smooth Sow thistle)View illustration 
  220. Sorbus Sativa (The Manur'd Service Tree)View illustration 
  221. Sorbus torminalis (The Common Service Tree)View illustration 
  222. Spina Alba (Hawthorn)View illustration 
  223. Spinachia (Spinge)View illustration 
  224. Stoechas arabica or purpurea (Stechas or French Lavender)View illustration 
  225. Suber (The Cork Tree)View illustration 
  226. Symphytum & Consolida major (Comfrey)View illustration 
  227. Tamarindus (The Tamarind Tree)View illustration 
  228. Tamarindus indica Orientalis (The East India Tamarind)View illustration 
  229. Thlaspi (Treacle Mustard)View illustration 
  230. Thymus (Thyme)View illustration 
  231. Triticum & Triticum aristatum (Wheat & Bearded Wheat)View illustration 
  232. Tussilago or Farfara (Colt's foot or Fole's foot)View illustration 
  233. Urtica (Stinging Nettle)View illustration 
  234. Valeriana or Phu (Valerian)View illustration 
  235. Verbascum or Tapsus barbatus (Mullein or Hig Taper)View illustration 
  236. Verbena & Verbenaca (Vervein)View illustration 
  237. Veronica mas (Male Speedwell)View illustration 
  238. Vinca pervinca or Clematis Daphnoides (Periwinckle)View illustration 
  239. Viola martia (March Violet)View illustration 
  240. Viola tricolor Iaccea Flos trinitatis (Pansies or Hearts Ease)View illustration 
  241. Virga Aurea (Golden Rod)View illustration 
  242. Virga Pastoris (Sheperd's Staff)View illustration 
  243. Viscum or Viscus quercinus (Misseltoe)View illustration 
  244. Vitex or Agnus castus (Agnus castus or The Chaste Tree)View illustration 
  245. Vitus Vinifera (The Vine)View illustration 
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