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A curious herbal, containing five hundred cuts, of the most useful plants, which are now used in the practice of physick : engraved on folio copper plates, after drawings taken from the life / by Elizabeth Blackwell. To which is added a short description of ye plants and their common uses in physick.  Volume 2 of 2

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Abrotanum foemina (Lavender Cotton)View illustration 
  2. Acacia (Acacia)View illustration 
  3. Acacia (Acacia)View illustration 
  4. Acetosa arvensis (Sheeps Sorrel)View illustration 
  5. Acetosa Romana rotundifolia (French Sorrel)View illustration 
  6. Acorus adulterinus Garsault (Bastard Acorus)View illustration 
  7. Acorus verus (The True Acorus)View illustration 
  8. Adianthum vulgare (The true Maiden Hair)View illustration 
  9. Ageratum (Sweet Maudlin)View illustration 
  10. Agnus Scythicus (The Scythian Lamb)View illustration 
  11. Alcea (Vervain Mallow)View illustration 
  12. Alliaria (Sauce alone)View illustration 
  13. Aloe succotrina Lam. (The Succotrine Aloe) Aloe succotrinafynbos aloeView illustrationPlant info
  14. Amaranthus (Flower Gentle) Amaranthus pigweedView illustrationPlant info
  15. Ammi vulgare (Bishop's Weed)View illustration 
  16. Amomum verum (The true Amomum)View illustration 
  17. Amomum Vulgare (The German Amomum)View illustration 
  18. Anacardium occidentale L. (West India Anacardium) Anacardium occidentalecashewView illustrationPlant info
  19. Anagallis terrestris foemina (Female Pimpernell)View illustration 
  20. Angelica (Angelica)View illustration 
  21. Anisum (Anise)View illustration 
  22. Anonis (Rest harrow)View illustration 
  23. Apium (Smallage)View illustration 
  24. Aquilegia (Columbine)View illustration 
  25. Areca (Indian Nut)View illustration 
  26. Arimeniaca (Apricock)View illustration 
  27. Aristolochia clematitis L. (Creeping Birthwort) Aristolochia clematitisbirthwortView illustrationPlant info
  28. Aristolochia longa L. (Long Birthwort)View illustration 
  29. Aristolochia rotunda L. (Round Birthwort)View illustration 
  30. Artemisia (Mugwort)View illustration 
  31. Asarum (Asarabacca)View illustration 
  32. Asarum Cyclaminis folio (Cyclamen leaved Asarum)View illustration 
  33. Asparagus L. (Sparagus) Asparagus asparagusView illustrationPlant info
  34. Aster Atticus luteus (Golden Starwort)View illustration 
  35. Astrantia nigra (Black Masterwort)View illustration 
  36. Atractylis (Distaff Thistle)View illustration 
  37. Aurantia (The Orange Tree)View illustration 
  38. Auricula Judae (Jews Ears)View illustration 
  39. Avena (Oats)View illustration 
  40. Balanus Myrepsica (The Ben Nut or oily Acorn)View illustration 
  41. Behen album (Spatling Poppy)View illustration 
  42. Bistora (Bistort or Snakeweed)View illustration 
  43. Bombax (Cotton) Bombax cottontreeView illustrationPlant info
  44. Botrys (Oak of Jerusalem)View illustration 
  45. Bryonia nigra (Black Briony)View illustration 
  46. Buglossum Mill. (Bugloss)View illustration 
  47. Buphthalmum (Ox Eye)View illustration 
  48. Cacao & Cacavate (The Coco Nut Tree)View illustration 
  49. Cannabis foemina (The Female Hemp)View illustration 
  50. Capparis L. (The Caper Bush) Capparis caperView illustrationPlant info
  51. Cardamomum majus, minus et maximum vel Grana Paradisi (The greater & lesser Cardamoms & Grains of Paradyce)View illustration 
  52. Carduus benedictus (Carduus or the Bessed Thistle)View illustration 
  53. Caryophyllata (Avens or Herb-Bennet)View illustration 
  54. Caryophyllus aromaticus L. (The Clove) Caryophyllus aromaticuscloveView illustrationPlant info
  55. Cassia Fistularis (Cassia Fistula)View illustration 
  56. Cassia lignea (Malabar or Java Cinamon)View illustration 
  57. Castanea (Chesnut)View illustration 
  58. Centaurium minus (Lesser Centory)View illustration 
  59. Cerasus nigra Mill. (The Black Cherry) Cerasus aviumsweet cherryView illustrationPlant info
  60. Cerasus rubra (Red Cherry)View illustration 
  61. Chamaemelum (Camomile)View illustration 
  62. China occidentalis (West India China)View illustration 
  63. Cicuta (Hemlock)View illustration 
  64. Cinamomum (The Cinamon Tree)View illustration 
  65. Cinara vel Scolymus (Artichoke)View illustration 
  66. Citria Malus (The Citron Tree)View illustration 
  67. Coddam pulli & Carcapuli (The Gamboodge Tree)View illustration 
  68. Coffee (Coffee)View illustration 
  69. Colocynthis (Coloquintida)View illustration 
  70. Colubrinum Lignum (Snakewood)View illustration 
  71. Corallium album (White Coral)View illustration 
  72. Corallium nigrum (Black Coral)View illustration 
  73. Corallium rubrum (Red Coral)View illustration 
  74. Corallium verum album (True White Coral) White Coral of the ShopsView illustration 
  75. Coronopus (Buck's horn Plantain)View illustration 
  76. Corylus (The Hasel)View illustration 
  77. Costus Amarus & dulcis (Bitter & Sweet Costus)View illustration 
  78. Cotyledon (Navelwort)View illustration 
  79. Curcuma (Turmerick)View illustration 
  80. Cyanus minor (Small Blue Bottle)View illustration 
  81. Cyperus longus L. (Long Cyperus) Cyperus longusView illustrationPlant info
  82. Daucus Creticus (Daucus of Creet)View illustration 
  83. Dentaria (Toothwort)View illustration 
  84. Draco Arbor (The Dragon Tree)View illustration 
  85. Dracontium (Dragons)View illustration 
  86. Ebulus (Dwarf Elder)View illustration 
  87. Echium (Vipers Bugloss)View illustration 
  88. Endivia (Endive)View illustration 
  89. Eruca sylvestris (Wild Rocket)View illustration 
  90. Eryngium (Eryngo)View illustration 
  91. Euphorbium (Euphorbium)View illustration 
  92. Euphorbium verum Antiquorum (The true Euphorbium)View illustration 
  93. Euphragia (Eye bright)View illustration 
  94. Filipendula (Dropwort)View illustration 
  95. Filix florida (Osmond royal)View illustration 
  96. Filix foemina (Female Fearn or Brakes)View illustration 
  97. Filix mas (Male Fearn)View illustration 
  98. Foeniculum (Fennel)View illustration 
  99. Foenum Graecum (Fenugreek)View illustration 
  100. Fraxinus L. (The Ash) Fraxinus ashView illustrationPlant info
  101. Gallium (Ladies Bedstraw)View illustration 
  102. Geranium robertianum L. (Herb Robert) Geranium robertianumRobert geraniumView illustrationPlant info
  103. Glycyrrhiza L. (Liquorice)View illustration 
  104. Grossularia (Gooseberry)View illustration 
  105. Guajacum (Pockwood or Lignum Vitae)View illustration 
  106. Harmel (Wild Rue)View illustration 
  107. Helenium (Elecampane)View illustration 
  108. Herba Paris (Herb Paris)View illustration 
  109. Herniaria (Rupture Wort)View illustration 
  110. Hordeum L. (Barley)View illustration 
  111. Horminum sylvestre (Wild Clary)View illustration 
  112. Hysop Gratiola (Hedge)View illustration 
  113. Hyssopus (Hyssop)View illustration 
  114. Iberis (Sciatica Cress)View illustration 
  115. Imperatoria (Master wort)View illustration 
  116. Iris florentina L. (Orris)View illustration 
  117. Jalapium (Jallap)View illustration 
  118. Lagopus (Hares foot)View illustration 
  119. Lapathum acutum (Sharp pointed Dock)View illustration 
  120. Lapathum aquaticum (The great Water Dock)View illustration 
  121. Lapathum sanguineum (L.) Lam. (Bloodwort)View illustration 
  122. Lapathum sativum et Patientia (Patience)View illustration 
  123. Larix Mill. (The Larch Tree) Larix larchView illustrationPlant info
  124. Lavendula (Lavernder)View illustration 
  125. Lens Palustris (Ducks Meat)View illustration 
  126. Lepidium & Peperitis (Dittander or Pepperwort)View illustration 
  127. Levisticum (Lovage)View illustration 
  128. Lichen cinereus (Ash coloured Liverwort)View illustration 
  129. Lignum Campechianum (Logwood)View illustration 
  130. Limona Malus (The Lemon Tree)View illustration 
  131. Limonium & Behen rubrum (Sea Lavender)View illustration 
  132. Linum catharticum L. (Purging Flax) Linum catharticumfairy flaxView illustrationPlant info
  133. Liquidamber (Liqiud Amber)View illustration 
  134. Lithospermum (Gromill)View illustration 
  135. Lotus Urbana (Sweet Trefoil)View illustration 
  136. Lujula (Wood Sorrel)View illustration 
  137. Lunaria (Moonwort)View illustration 
  138. Lupinus (Lupin)View illustration 
  139. Luteola (Would or Dyer's Weed)View illustration 
  140. Lysmachia (Loosestrife)View illustration 
  141. Malus Indica Lusitanis (Indian Apples)View illustration 
  142. Mandragora (The Mandrake)View illustration 
  143. Marjorana G. Don (Sweet Marjoram)  View illustrationPlant info
  144. Marrubium album (White Horehound)View illustration 
  145. Melo (Melon)View illustration 
  146. Mentha (Mint)View illustration 
  147. Mentha piperis sapore (Peppermint)View illustration 
  148. Menthastrum (Horsemint)View illustration 
  149. Mercurialis (English Mercury)View illustration 
  150. Muscus Pulmonarius (Tree Lungwort)View illustration 
  151. Myrobalani (Myrobalans)View illustration 
  152. Myrobalanus Emblica (The Emblick Myrobalan)View illustration 
  153. Nasturtium aquaticum (Water Cress)View illustration 
  154. Natsjatam (The India Berry Tree)View illustration 
  155. Nepeta vel Mentha cataria (Nep or Catmint)View illustration 
  156. Nicotiana minor Sesse|4 & Moc. (The smaller toabacco) Nicotiana plumbaginifoliaTex-Mex tobaccoView illustrationPlant info
  157. Nux Moschata (The Nutmeg)View illustration 
  158. Nux Vomica in Officinis (The Nux vomica of ye Shops)View illustration 
  159. Nymphaea alba L. (The White Water Lilly) Nymphaea albaEuropean white waterlilyView illustrationPlant info
  160. Nymphaea lutea L. (The Yellow Water Lilly) Nuphar luteayellow pond-lily, yellow cowlily, yellow pondlilyView illustrationPlant info
  161. Nymphaeś Radices (Water Lilly Roots)View illustration 
  162. Origanum (Wild Marjorum)View illustration 
  163. Palma oleosa (The Oily Palm Tree)View illustration 
  164. Panax Coloni (Clown's allheal)View illustration 
  165. Panax Herculeum (Hercules's Allheal)View illustration 
  166. Papaver Album (White Poppy)View illustration 
  167. Papaver nigrum (Black Poppy)View illustration 
  168. Pastinaca (Parsnep)View illustration 
  169. Pentaphyllum (Cinquefoil)View illustration 
  170. Petroselinum Macedonicum (Macedonian Parsley)View illustration 
  171. Pilosella (Mouse Ear)View illustration 
  172. Pimpinella saxifraga L. (Burnet saxifrage) Pimpinella saxifragasolidstem burnet saxifrageView illustrationPlant info
  173. Piper Jamaicense (Jamaica Pepper)View illustration 
  174. Piper longum L. (Long Pepper) Piper longumIndian long pepperView illustrationPlant info
  175. Piper nigrum L. (Black Pepper) Piper nigrumblack pepperView illustrationPlant info
  176. Pistachia (Pistachio)View illustration 
  177. Polium montanum (Poley mountain)View illustration 
  178. Polygonum (Knot grass) Polygonum knotweed, smartweed speciesView illustrationPlant info
  179. Polytrichum aureum (Golden Maiden Hair)View illustration 
  180. Porrum (The Leek)View illustration 
  181. Portulaca (Purslain)View illustration 
  182. Prunum Sylvestris (The Sloe tree)View illustration 
  183. Prunus Damascena (The Damson Tree)View illustration 
  184. Psyllium (Fleawort)View illustration 
  185. Ptarmica (Sneezwort)View illustration 
  186. Pulegium (Penny royal)View illustration 
  187. Pulegium cervinum (Harts penny royal)View illustration 
  188. Pulegium erectum (Upright penny royal)View illustration 
  189. Pulmonaria maculosa (Spotted Lungwort)View illustration 
  190. Pyrethrum (Pellitory of Spain)View illustration 
  191. Pyrus (The Pear Tree)View illustration 
  192. Quercus (The Oaks)View illustration 
  193. Raphanus Sylvestris (Horseradish)View illustration 
  194. Raponticum (Rhapontic)View illustration 
  195. Rhus Obsoniorum (Sumach)View illustration 
  196. Ribes (Red Currans)View illustration 
  197. Ros Soilis (Rosa solis)View illustration 
  198. Rubia tinctorum L. (Madder) Rubia tinctorummadderView illustrationPlant info
  199. Rubus Idoeus (Raspberry bush)View illustration 
  200. Salix L. (The Willow) Salix willow, salix, saule [French], saules [French], willow, willow speciesView illustrationPlant info
  201. Sassafras (Sassafras)View illustration 
  202. Satrium Foemina (Female Satyrium)View illustration 
  203. Satureia durior (Winter Savory)View illustration 
  204. Satureia L. (Savory) Satureia View illustrationPlant info
  205. Scordium Mill. (Scordium or Water Germander)View illustration 
  206. Scorzonera & Viparia (Scorzonera or Vipers grass)View illustration 
  207. Sebesten & Myxa (The Sebesten Plumb)View illustration 
  208. Secale L. (Rye) Secale ryeView illustrationPlant info
  209. Sedum majus (Hemsl.) Migo (House Leek) Sedum majusView illustrationPlant info
  210. Sedum minus Haw. (The lesser House leek) Sedum minusView illustrationPlant info
  211. Serpyllum Mill. (Mother of Thyme) Serpyllum View illustrationPlant info
  212. Seseli L. (Siler Mountain) Seseli seseliView illustrationPlant info
  213. Sinapi (Mustard)View illustration 
  214. Smilax aspera Peruvana (Sarsaparilla of America)View illustration 
  215. Smyrnium (Alexanders)View illustration 
  216. Sophia Chirurgorum (Flixweed)View illustration 
  217. Spica (Lavender spike)View illustration 
  218. Stoecas citrina (Goldy Locks)View illustration 
  219. Stramonium (Thorn apple)View illustration 
  220. Tamariscus Mill. (Tamarisk)View illustration 
  221. Tanacetum (Tansie)View illustration 
  222. Terebinthus Mill. (The Turpentine Tree)View illustration 
  223. Thapsia (Deadly Carrot)View illustration 
  224. Thea & Thea Sinensis (Green Tea)View illustration 
  225. Thea frutex Bontii Chaa (Bohea or Peco Tea)View illustration 
  226. Thlaspi vulgare (Mithridate Mustard)View illustration 
  227. Tilia (The Lime Tree)View illustration 
  228. Tormentill (Tormentilla)View illustration 
  229. Tragacantha (Goats thorn)View illustration 
  230. Tree Camphorifera (The Camphore Tree)View illustration 
  231. Trichomanes (English Maiden Hair)View illustration 
  232. Trifolium palustre Waldst. & Kit. (Bog bean)View illustration 
  233. Turpenthum (Turbith)View illustration 
  234. Ullmaria (Meadow Sweet)View illustration 
  235. Urtica Romana (The Roman Nettle)View illustration 
  236. Vaccinia (Bill berry)View illustration 
  237. Valeriana minor (The Lesser Valerian)View illustration 
  238. Valeriana Sylvestris (Wild Valerian)View illustration 
  239. Vicia L. (The Vetch) Vicia vetch, vetch spp.View illustrationPlant info
  240. Xanthium (The Lesser Burdock)View illustration 
  241. Zedoaria (Zedoary)View illustration 
  242. Zerumbet (Zerumbet)View illustration 
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