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The natural history of the rarer lepidopterous insects of Georgia : Including their systematic characters, the particulars of their several metamorphoses, and the plants on which they feed. Collected from the observation of Mr. John Abbot, many years resident in that country  Volume 2 of 2

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Acer rubrum L. Acer rubrumred mapleView illustrationPlant info
  2. Amorpha fruticosa L. Amorpha fruticosadesert false indigo, desert indigobush, dullleaf indigo, false indigo, false indigo-bush, indigobush, leadplantView illustrationPlant info
  3. Andromeda mariana L. 81View illustration 
  4. Betula serrulata AitonView illustration 
  5. Calycanthus Floridus L. Calycanthus floriduseastern sweetshrubView illustrationPlant info
  6. Carpinus ostrya L. 76View illustration 
  7. Chionanthus virginicus L. Chinonanthus virginicusView illustrationPlant info
  8. Clematis Rosea. ……….. Reticulata 101View illustration 
  9. Commelina communis L. Commelina communisAsiatic dayflower, common dayflowerView illustrationPlant info
  10. Cornus florida L. Cornus floridaflowering dogwoodView illustrationPlant info
  11. Crotalaria perfoliata L. Baptisia perfoliatacatbellsView illustrationPlant info
  12. Diospyros virginiana L. Diospyros virginianacommon persimmon, eastern persimmon, PersimmonView illustrationPlant info
  13. Diospyros virginiana L. Diospyros virginianacommon persimmon, eastern persimmon, persimmonView illustrationPlant info
  14. Elephantopus scaber L. Elephantopus mollissoft elephantsfoot, cucha-cara, elephantopus, lengua de vaca, yerba de caballoView illustrationPlant info
  15. Fagus Ferruginea 75View illustration 
  16. Fagus pumila L. 57View illustration 
  17. Gaura Biennis 99View illustration 
  18. Gleditsia triacanthos L. Gleditsia triacanthoshoneylocust, common honeylocust, Honey locust, honey-locust, honeylocustsView illustrationPlant info
  19. Gossypium barbadense L. Gossypium barbadenseCreole cottonView illustrationPlant info
  20. Hedysarum Marylandicum 84View illustration 
  21. Helianthus divaricatus L. Helianthus divaricatusView illustrationPlant info
  22. Holcus bicolor L.View illustration 
  23. Juglans nigra L. Juglans nigrablack walnutView illustrationPlant info
  24. Liriodendron tulipifera L. Liriodendron tulipiferatuliptree, tulip poplar, yellow poplar, yellow-poplarView illustrationPlant info
  25. Melia azedarach L. Melia azedarachChinaberrytree, chinaberry, Chinaberrytree, Indian lilac, lelah, paraiso, pride of India, white cedarView illustrationPlant info
  26. Mimosa microphylla Dryand. ex Sm. Schrankia microphyllaView illustrationPlant info
  27. Morus rubra L. Morus rubrared mulberryView illustrationPlant info
  28. Phalæ Pyxidifera.View illustration 
  29. Phalæna Aceris.View illustration 
  30. Phalæna Achatina.View illustration 
  31. Phalæna Acria.View illustration 
  32. Phalæna Albifrons.View illustration 
  33. Phalæna Amasia.View illustration 
  34. Phalæna Anastomosis.View illustration 
  35. Phalæna Anguina.View illustration 
  36. Phalæna Angulosa.View illustration 
  37. Phalæna Aurora.View illustration 
  38. Phalæna Calycanthata.View illustration 
  39. Phalæna Castrensis.View illustration 
  40. Phalæna Chionanthi.View illustration 
  41. Phalæna Cippus.View illustration 
  42. Phalæna Clemataria.View illustration 
  43. Phalæna Commelinæ.View illustration 
  44. Phalæna Concinna.View illustration 
  45. Phalæna Consors.View illustration 
  46. Phalæna Dione.View illustration 
  47. Phalæna Echo.View illustration 
  48. Phalæna Frugiperda.View illustration 
  49. Phalæna Furcula.View illustration 
  50. Phalæna Gauræ.View illustration 
  51. Phalæna Gibbosa.View illustration 
  52. Phalæna Hastulifera.View illustration 
  53. Phalæna Ilicifolia.View illustration 
  54. Phalæna Imperatoria.View illustration 
  55. Phalæna Isabella.View illustration 
  56. Phalæna Leucophæa.View illustration 
  57. Phalæna Leucostigma.View illustration 
  58. Phalæna Liriodendraria.View illustration 
  59. Phalæna Ministra.View illustration 
  60. Phalæna Neogama.View illustration 
  61. Phalæna Neustria.View illustration 
  62. Phalæna Oblinita.View illustration 
  63. Phalæna Oculatissima.View illustration 
  64. Phalæna Opercularis.View illustration 
  65. Phalæna Pellucida.View illustration 
  66. Phalæna Phyllira.View illustration 
  67. Phalæna Phytolaccæ.View illustration 
  68. Phalæna Pithecium.View illustration 
  69. Phalæna Placentia.View illustration 
  70. Phalæna Punctatissima.View illustration 
  71. Phalæna Quernaria.View illustration 
  72. Phalæna Regia.View illustration 
  73. Phalæna Rhexiæ.View illustration 
  74. Phalæna Senatoria.View illustration 
  75. Phalæna Stigma.View illustration 
  76. Phalæna Tessellaris.View illustration 
  77. Phalæna Torrefacta.View illustration 
  78. Phalæna Unicornis.View illustration 
  79. Phalæna Velleda.View illustration 
  80. Phalæna Vidua.View illustration 
  81. Phalæna Virgo.View illustration 
  82. Phytolacca decandra L. Phytolacca americanaAmerican pokeweed, common pokeweed [English], inkberry, phytolaque d'Amérique [French], pigeonberry, poke, pokeberry, pokeweedView illustrationPlant info
  83. Plantago major L. Plantago majorcommon plantain, broadleaf plantain, buckhorn plantain, great plantain, rippleseed plantainView illustrationPlant info
  84. Platanus occidentalis L. Platanus occidentalisAmerican sycamore, sycamoreView illustrationPlant info
  85. Polymnia Tetragonotheca 69View illustration 
  86. Populus Monilifera 71View illustration 
  87. Prinos verticillata L.View illustration 
  88. Prunus insititia L. 60 Prunus insititiaEuropean plumView illustrationPlant info
  89. Quercus ….. 77View illustration 
  90. Quercus ….. 78View illustration 
  91. Quercus ….. 83View illustration 
  92. Quercus alba L. Quercus albawhite oak, chêne blancView illustrationPlant info
  93. Quercus alba L. Quercus albawhite oak, chêne blancView illustrationPlant info
  94. Quercus Aquatica 79View illustration 
  95. Quercus aquatica Walter Quercus nigrawater oakView illustrationPlant info
  96. Quercus discolor W.T. AitonView illustration 
  97. Quercus nigra L. Quercus nigrawater oakView illustrationPlant info
  98. Quercus phellos L. Quercus phelloswillow oakView illustrationPlant info
  99. Quercus Phellos L. Quercus phelloswillow oakView illustrationPlant info
  100. Quercus phellos L. Quercus phelloswillow oakView illustrationPlant info
  101. Quercus prinus L. Quercus prinuschestnut oakView illustrationPlant info
  102. Quercus rubra L. Quercus rubranorthern red oakView illustrationPlant info
  103. Rhexia virginica L. Rhexia virginicahandsome Harry, common meadowbeautyView illustrationPlant info
  104. Rubus fruticosus L. Rubus fruticosusshrubby blackberry, bramble blackberry, wild blackberry complexView illustrationPlant info
  105. Salix amygdalina L. 72View illustration 
  106. Vaccinium frondosum L. 54View illustration 
  107. Viburnum prunifolium L. Viburnum prunifoliumblackhawView illustrationPlant info
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