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Select orchidaceous plants : [first series] / by Robert Warner ; the notes on culture by Benjamin S. Williams.  Volume 1 of 1

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Aerides nobile WarnerView illustration 
  2. Aerides williamsii WarnerView illustration 
  3. Angraecum sesquipedale Thouars Angraecum sesquipedaleView illustrationPlant info
  4. Anguloa clowesii Lindl. Anguloa clowesiiView illustrationPlant info
  5. Arpophyllum giganteum Hartw. ex Lindl. Arpophyllum giganteumView illustrationPlant info
  6. Calanthe vestita Lindl.View illustration 
  7. Catteyla DawsoniiView illustration 
  8. Catteyla WarnerView illustration 
  9. Cattleya amethystoglossa Linden & Rchb. f. ex WarnerView illustration 
  10. Cattleya SuperbiaView illustration 
  11. Cattleya warszewiczii Rchb. f.View illustration 
  12. Chysis limminghei Linden & Rchb. f. Chysis bractescensView illustrationPlant info
  13. Coelogyne cristata Lindl.View illustration 
  14. Cymbidium eburneum Lindl.View illustration 
  15. Cypripedium hirsutissimum Lindl. ex Hook. f.View illustration 
  16. Dendrobium dalhousieanum PaxtonView illustration 
  17. Dendrobium macrophyllum A. Rich.View illustration 
  18. Dendrobium wardianum WarnerView illustration 
  19. Disa Grandiflora SuperbaView illustration 
  20. Epidendrum nemorale Lindl.View illustration 
  21. Epidendrum prismatocarpum Rchb. f.View illustration 
  22. Epidendrum skinneri var. superbum R. Warner Epidendrum skinneriView illustrationPlant info
  23. Galeandra devoniana R.H. Schomb. ex Lindl. Galeandra devonianaView illustrationPlant info
  24. Laelia gigantea WarnerView illustration 
  25. Laelia purpurata Lindl. & PaxtonView illustration 
  26. Laelia superbiens Lindl. Schomburgkia superbiensView illustrationPlant info
  27. Laelia turneri hort. ex WarnerView illustration 
  28. Lycaste skinneri (Bateman ex Lindl.) Lindl. Lycaste virginalisView illustrationPlant info
  29. Miltonia moreliana hort. ex Lindl.View illustration 
  30. Odontoglossum citrosmum Lindl.View illustration 
  31. Odontoglossum naevium Lindl. Odontoglossum naeviumView illustrationPlant info
  32. Odontoglossum pescatorei Linden ex Lindl.View illustration 
  33. Odontoglossum phalaenopsis Linden & Rchb. f.View illustration 
  34. Oncidium sarcodes Lindl.View illustration 
  35. Phalaenopsis schilleriana Rchb. f.View illustration 
  36. Pleione lagenaria (Lindl.) Lindl. & PaxtonView illustration 
  37. Saccolabium violaceum Rchb. f.View illustration 
  38. Trichopilia crispa Lindl. Trichopilia marginataView illustrationPlant info
  39. Vanda coerulea Griff. ex Lindl.View illustration 
  40. Vanda insignis BlumeView illustration 
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