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A Description of the Genus Cinchona  Volume 1 of 1

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 - A Description of the Genus Cinchona
Published: Printed for B. and J. White, 1797.
This volume was published in 1797 in London and presented to the Linnean Society of London. Aylmer B. Lambert (1761-1842) was a British botanist who studied in Oxford and assembled an important herbarium and library which was sold after his death. He included the dissertation of Professor Martin Vahl (1744-1804) of Copenhagen for description of some species. Additional species are described and accompanied by figures taken from the specimens themselves preserved in the Herbarium of Sir Joseph Banks. Thirteen uncolored copper plate engravings, some of which are folded, accompany the descriptions. Plates 4, 5, 7-12 were illustrated by Ferdinand L. Bauer (1760-1826) an Austrian botanical, zoological artist.
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