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A supplement to Medical botany, or, Part the second : containing plates with descriptions of most of the principal medicinal plants not included in the materia medica of the collegiate pharmacopoeias of London and Edinburgh : accompanied with a circumstantial detail of their medicinal effects, and of the diseases in which they have been successfully employed / by William Woodville ... .  Volume 4 of 4

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Agrimonia eupatoria L. Agrimonia eupatoriachurchsteeplesView illustrationPlant info
  2. Amygdalus persica L.View illustration 
  3. Anchusa officinalis Anchusa officinalisCommon bugloss, alkanet, buglossView illustrationPlant info
  4. Angelica sylvestris Angelica sylvestrisWoodland angelicaView illustrationPlant info
  5. Antirrhinum Linaria Linaria vulgarisButter and eggs, flaxweed, greater butter-and-eggs, Jacob's ladder, ramsted, wild snapdragonView illustrationPlant info
  6. Aristolochia Clematitis Aristolochia clematitisBirthwortView illustrationPlant info
  7. Asclepias Vincetoxicum Asclepias vincetoxicumView illustrationPlant info
  8. Asplenium scolopendrium L.View illustration 
  9. Astragalus exscapus Astragalus exscapusView illustrationPlant info
  10. Atropa mandragora L.View illustration 
  11. Berberis vulgaris Berberis vulgarisCommon barberry, beet, epine-vinette, epine-vinette commune, European barberry, vinetteierView illustrationPlant info
  12. Betonica officinalis Stachys officinalisCommon hedgenettleView illustrationPlant info
  13. Boletus igniariusView illustration 
  14. Borago officinalis Borago officinalisCommon borageView illustrationPlant info
  15. Capparis spinosa Capparis spinosaCaperView illustrationPlant info
  16. Chelidonium majus L. Chelidonium majuscelandineView illustrationPlant info
  17. Cichorium Intybus L. Cichorium intybusChicory, blue sailors, coffeeweed, common chicory, succoryView illustrationPlant info
  18. Cicuta virosa Cicuta virosaMackenzie's water hemlockView illustrationPlant info
  19. Clutia eluteria L.View illustration 
  20. Coffea arabica Coffea arabicaArabian coffeeView illustrationPlant info
  21. Cynoglossum officinale Cynoglossum officinaleGypsyflower, common houndstongue, gypsy-flower, hound's tongueView illustrationPlant info
  22. Erysimum Alliaria Alliaria petiolataGarlic mustardView illustrationPlant info
  23. Erysimum officinale Sisymbrium officinaleHedgemustard, hairypod hedgemustard, hedge tumblemustard, hedgeweed, wild mustard, hedge-mustardView illustrationPlant info
  24. Euphrasia officinalis Euphrasia pectinataView illustrationPlant info
  25. Galium aparine L. Galium aparinestickywilly, bedstraw, catchweed bedstraw, cleavers, cleaverwort, goose grass, scarthgrass, sticky-willy, white hedgeView illustrationPlant info
  26. Gentiana purpurea L.View illustration 
  27. Geum urbanum Geum rivaleView illustrationPlant info
  28. Lactuca virosa Lactuca serriolaPrickly lettuce, china lettuce, wild lettuceView illustrationPlant info
  29. Lichen caninusView illustration 
  30. Lithospermum officinale Lithospermum officinaleEuropean stoneseedView illustrationPlant info
  31. Matricaria Parthenium Tanacetum partheniumFeverfewView illustrationPlant info
  32. Melaleuca leucadendra (L.) L. Melaleuca leucadendracajeputView illustrationPlant info
  33. Oenanthe crocata L.View illustration 
  34. Origanum dictamnus L.View illustration 
  35. Paeonia officinalis L.View illustration 
  36. Phellandrium aquaticum L.View illustration 
  37. Physalis Alkekengi Physalis alkekengiStrawberry groundcherryView illustrationPlant info
  38. Polypodium vulgare Polypodium vulgareView illustrationPlant info
  39. Prunus Laurocerasus Prunus laurocerasusCherry laurelView illustrationPlant info
  40. Pterocarpus santalinus Pterocarpus indicusPterocarpusView illustrationPlant info
  41. Pulmonaria officinalis L.View illustration 
  42. Ranunculus acris L. Ranunculus acristall buttercup, meadow buttercupView illustrationPlant info
  43. Rhus coriaria L.View illustration 
  44. Ruscus aculeatus Ruscus aculeatusView illustrationPlant info
  45. Sambucus Ebulus Sambucus ebulusDwarf elderberry, dwarf elderView illustrationPlant info
  46. Santalum album Santalum myrtifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  47. Saponaria officinalis L. Saponaria officinalisbouncingbet, bouncing bet, bouncing-bett, bouncingbet soapweed, soapwort, sweet BettyView illustrationPlant info
  48. Saxifraga granulata L.View illustration 
  49. Sedum acre L. Sedum acregoldmoss stonecropView illustrationPlant info
  50. Siphonia elasticaView illustration 
  51. Smilax china L. Smilax chinaChina rootView illustrationPlant info
  52. Solanum nigrum Solanum nigrumView illustrationPlant info
  53. Strychnos nux-vomica L. Strychnos strychnine tree, strychnosView illustrationPlant info
  54. Swietenia mahagoni Jacq. Swietenia mahagoniWest Indian mahogany, west indian mahoganyView illustrationPlant info
  55. Symphytum officinale Symphytum officinaleCommon comfreyView illustrationPlant info
  56. Teucrium Chamędrys Teucrium stevenianumView illustrationPlant info
  57. TheaView illustration 
  58. Tropaeolum majus L. Tropaeolum majusnasturtiumView illustrationPlant info
  59. Verbena officinalis Verbena setosaView illustrationPlant info
  60. Veronica officinalis Veronica officinalisCommon gypsyweedView illustrationPlant info
  61. Viola tricolor Viola tricolorView illustrationPlant info
  62. Viscum album L. Viscum albumEuropean mistletoeView illustrationPlant info
  63. Vitex Agnus castus Vitex agnus-castusLilac chastetree, chaste treeView illustrationPlant info
  64. Wintera aromatica MurrayView illustration 
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