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New illustration of the sexual system of Carolus von Linnaeus : and the temple of Flora, or garden of nature.  Volume 1 of 1

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Agave americana L. Agave americanaAmerican century plant, American agave, centuryplant, Maguey americanoView illustrationPlant info
  2. Arum dracunculus L. Dracunculus vulgariscommon dracunculusView illustrationPlant info
  3. Begonia obliqua L.View illustration 
  4. Cactus grandiflorus L. Selenicereus grandiflorusqueen of the night, Pitayita-nocturna reina de la nocheView illustrationPlant info
  5. Canna indica L. Canna indicaIndian shotView illustrationPlant info
  6. Dionaea muscipula J. Ellis Dionaea muscipulaVenus flytrapView illustrationPlant info
  7. Kalmia angustifolia L. Kalmia angustifoliasheep laurelView illustrationPlant info
  8. Lilium albumView illustration 
  9. Lilium superbum L. Lilium superbumturk's-cap lilyView illustrationPlant info
  10. Limodorum tankervilliae Banks ex L'He|4r.View illustration 
  11. MeadiaView illustration 
  12. Mimosa grandiflora L'He|4r. Calliandra grandifloraView illustrationPlant info
  13. Nymphæa coeruleaView illustration 
  14. Nymphaea nelumbo L. Nelumbo nuciferasacred lotusView illustrationPlant info
  15. Passiflora alata Curtis Passiflora alatapassionflowerView illustrationPlant info
  16. Passiflora ceruleaView illustration 
  17. Passiflora quadrangularis L. Passiflora quadrangularisgiant granadillaView illustrationPlant info
  18. Pothos foetidus AitonView illustration 
  19. Primula auricula L.View illustration 
  20. Primula auricula L.View illustration 
  21. Renealmia nutansView illustration 
  22. Rhododendron ponticum L.View illustration 
  23. Sarracenia flava L. Sarracenia flavayellow pitcherplantView illustrationPlant info
  24. Stapelia hirsuta L. Stapelia hirsutacarrion-flowerView illustrationPlant info
  25. Strelitzia reginae Aiton Strelitzia reginaebird-of-paradiseView illustrationPlant info
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