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Icones selectae plantarum quas in systemate universali : ex herbariis parisiensibus, praesertim ex Lessertiano / descripsit Aug. Pyr. de Candolle, ex archetypis speciminibus a P.J.F. Turpin delineatae et editae a Benj. De Lessert ...  Volume 2 of 5

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  Name as PrintedCurrent NameCommon Name  
  1. Aethionema coridifolium DC. Aethionema cordifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  2. Aethionema cristatum DC.View illustration 
  3. Aethionema membranace DC.View illustration 
  4. Alyssum hirsutum M. Bieb. Alyssum minusView illustrationPlant info
  5. Alyssum macrocarpum DC.View illustration 
  6. Alyssum micropetalum Fisch. ex DC. Alyssum strigosumAlyssumView illustrationPlant info
  7. Alyssum obtusifolium StevenView illustration 
  8. Alyssum spathulatum Stephan ex Willd. Galitzkya spathulataView illustrationPlant info
  9. Anchonium Billardierii. (DC.)View illustration 
  10. Arabis billardierii DC. Arabis caucasicaGray rockcressView illustrationPlant info
  11. Arabis canadensis L. Arabis canadensisSicklepod, sicklepod rockcressView illustrationPlant info
  12. Arabis cebennensis DC.View illustration 
  13. Arabis longifolia DC.View illustration 
  14. Arabis patriniana DC.View illustration 
  15. Arabis rosea D.C. Arabis muralisView illustrationPlant info
  16. Barbarea plantaginea DC.View illustration 
  17. Berberis asiatica Roxb. Berberis asiaticaView illustrationPlant info
  18. Berberis tinctoria Lesch.View illustration 
  19. Biscutella erigerifolia DC.View illustration 
  20. Brachycarpaea varians DC. Brachycarpaea junceaView illustrationPlant info
  21. Brassica balearica Pers.View illustration 
  22. Brassica magellanica Juss. ex Pers.View illustration 
  23. Braya alpina Sternb. & Hoppe Braya alpinaSmooth northern-rockcressView illustrationPlant info
  24. Cakile aequalis L'He|4r. ex DC.View illustration 
  25. Camelina barbaræfolia DC. Rorippa barbareifoliaHoary yellowcressView illustrationPlant info
  26. Camelina microcarpa Andrz. ex DC. Camelina microcarpalittlepod false flax, false flax, little-pod false flax, littlepod falseflax, littleseed falseflax, small fruited falseflax, smallseed falseflaxView illustrationPlant info
  27. Cardamine glauca Spreng. Cardamine glaucaView illustrationPlant info
  28. Cardamine hederacea DC.View illustration 
  29. Cardamine maritimaView illustration 
  30. Cardamine petiolaris DC.View illustration 
  31. Cardamine tuberosa DC.View illustration 
  32. Cheiranthus leptophyllus (Bieb.)View illustration 
  33. Chorispora iberica (M. Bieb.) DC.View illustration 
  34. Cochlearia pyrenaica DC.View illustration 
  35. Cochlearia saxifragæfolia DC.View illustration 
  36. Cochlearia velutinaView illustration 
  37. Corydalis marschalliana (Pallas) Pers.View illustration 
  38. Corydalis pauciflora (Stephan ex Willd.) Pers. Corydalis pauciflorafewflower fumewortView illustrationPlant info
  39. Crambe aspera M. Bieb. Crambe buschiiView illustrationPlant info
  40. Dentaria quinquefolia M. Bieb.View illustration 
  41. Diclytra tenuifolia DC.View illustration 
  42. Didesmus aegyptius (L.) Desv. Didesmus aegyptiusView illustrationPlant info
  43. Diplotaxis hispida DC.View illustration 
  44. Diplotaxis scaposa DC.View illustration 
  45. Draba grandis Langsd.View illustration 
  46. Draba incompta Stev.View illustration 
  47. Draba lævipes DC.View illustration 
  48. Draba mollissima Stev.View illustration 
  49. Draba stellata Jacq.View illustration 
  50. Enarthrocarpus pterocarpus DC.View illustration 
  51. Erucaria latifolia DC.View illustration 
  52. Erysimum rigidum DC. Erysimum repandumSpreading wallflower, repand wallflowerView illustrationPlant info
  53. Erysimum siliculosum (M. Bieb.) DC. Erysimum siliculosumView illustrationPlant info
  54. Erysium aureum (Bieb.) Erysimum aureumView illustrationPlant info
  55. Farsetia eriocarpa DC. Fibigia eriocarpaView illustrationPlant info
  56. Goldbachia laevigata (M. Bieb.) DC. Goldbachia laevigataView illustrationPlant info
  57. Heliophila cleomoides DC.View illustration 
  58. Heliophila crithmifolia Willd. Heliophila crithmifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  59. Heliophila scoparia Burch. ex Dc. Heliophila scopariaView illustrationPlant info
  60. Heliophila tenuisiliqua DC.View illustration 
  61. Hesperis alyssifolia DC. Matthiola alyssifoliaView illustrationPlant info
  62. Hesperis aprica Poir.View illustration 
  63. Hutchinsia trinervia. (DC.)View illustration 
  64. Iberis conferta Lag.View illustration 
  65. Isatis Garcini DC.View illustration 
  66. Isatis hebecarpa DC.View illustration 
  67. Isatis littoralis Stev. ex DC.View illustration 
  68. Lepidium africanum DC. Thlaspi africanumView illustrationPlant info
  69. Lepidium spinescens DC.View illustration 
  70. Leptaleum filifolium (Hemsl. & Lace) DC. Leptaleum filifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  71. Leptaleum pygmaeum DC. Leptaleum filifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  72. Mahonia fascicularis DC.View illustration 
  73. Mahonia napaulensis DC.View illustration 
  74. Malcomia Broussonetii DC.View illustration 
  75. Malcomia incrassata. (DC.)View illustration 
  76. Mathiola livida DC.View illustration 
  77. Matthiola oxyceras DC. Matthiola longipetalaNight scented stockView illustrationPlant info
  78. Meniocus linifolius (Stephan ex Willd.) DC. Alyssum linifoliumView illustrationPlant info
  79. Menonvillea linearis DC.View illustration 
  80. Nasturtium glaucophyllum DC.View illustration 
  81. Nasturtium natans DC. Rorippa amphibiaGreat yellowcressView illustrationPlant info
  82. Notoceras cardaminefolium DC.View illustration 
  83. Notoceras hispanicum DC.View illustration 
  84. Notoceras quadricornis DC. Tetracme quadricornisView illustrationPlant info
  85. Nuphar japonica DC.View illustration 
  86. Nymphaea reniformis WalterView illustration 
  87. Papaver setigerum DC. Papaver somniferumView illustrationPlant info
  88. Peltaria glastifolia DC.View illustration 
  89. Raphanus landra Mor.View illustration 
  90. Roemeria refracta (Steven) DC. Romeria refractaView illustrationPlant info
  91. Schiweretzkia Podolica. (Bess.)View illustration 
  92. Senebiera serrata Poir. Coronopus serratusView illustrationPlant info
  93. Sinapis leptopetala DC. Erucastrum strigosumView illustrationPlant info
  94. Sinapis timoriana DC.View illustration 
  95. Sisymbrium contortuplicatum DC.View illustration 
  96. Sisymbrium exacoides DC.View illustration 
  97. Sisymbrium lyratum (Burm.)View illustration 
  98. Sobolewskia lithophila Bieb. Sobolewskia sibiricaView illustrationPlant info
  99. Sterigma sulfureum DC.View illustration 
  100. Sterigma elychrysifolium DC.View illustration 
  101. Stevenia alyssoides Ad. Stevenia zinaidaeView illustrationPlant info
  102. Stevenia cheiranthoides DC. Draba multicepsView illustrationPlant info
  103. Thlaspi cochleariforme DC. Noccaea cochleariformisalpine pennycressView illustrationPlant info
  104. Thlaspi latifolium von BiebersteinView illustration 
  105. Vesicaria vestita Deso.View illustration 
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